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13 May 2010


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I think the away games against Manu, Arsenal and Liverpool were the real stand outs. Its not easy winning at Old Trafford, Emirates and Anfield


was it really a lax display against Hull? I seem to remember we should have scored in the first 30 seconds of each half and had numerous chances to score throughout. We ended up with something like 30 attempts at goal.
Obviously the second goal was lucky but it was well deserved

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obviously winning against United at Old Trafford will stand out as probably the most important, for me the 1-0 home win against Bolton was very important, Chelsea didn’t play well, looked very nervous, but won to put pressure back on United. Well done Chelsea, Champions again, little by little we are building our ‘history’


Given the margin of victory, logic suggests that both games against Man U. have to be included although the one on 9 Nov was pretty undistinguished. I think a case could be made for the home game against Bolton - a nerve-shredding, angst ridden, one-slip-and-it's-all-over terror fest. I think it galvanised the team into going for goals in the remaining home fixtures rather than suffer like that again.

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