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16 August 2009


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"Can it anywhere?"

Yeah, I think it worked pretty well in Milan when they won the Serie A and the Champions League.

Depending on the source we "Created" between 27 to 33 attempts on goal yesterday, many it seemed to me right in front of goal. Convert a few more of those and you and everybody else is hailing Ancelotti and his diamond as the new "Special Ones".

Everybody it seemed was missing sitters. They're not always going to go wide, or over. Creating chances wasn't the problem against Hull, execution in the box was.

There are some wrinkles to be ironed out (Who would have thunk that after one game?), but questioning Ancelotti and his diamond after one frustrating game is just......well, assinine.

Russell Saunders

Hi Tony - thanks very much for your post.

Not sure it did work excellently at Milan? There's an argument to say that one serie A isn't quite good enough...

You make a good point about the number of chances though - had those chances been taken the whole thing would have been looked on very differently by most.

I try to avoid hyperbole (either positive or negative) in all my articles, and did stress that it's too early to pass definite negative judgement on ancelotti. From that perspective you're right to jump on my negativity around Ancelotti. I would say though that I've been critical of the 4-4-2 throughout pre-season on this blog, and was mostly just disappointed with his substitutions yesterday.

Plus of course - we got the win! Let's see what happens. 37 games to go...

You say there are wrinkles to be ironed out - would you keep the same team for the Sunderland game?


I tend to agree with Russell on the diamond formation. I believe that the formation requires the members of the diamond to possess both skill and creativity (pace will be an added bonus). On the basis of this, it can clearly be seen that Chelsea just doesn't have the personnel for a diamond midfield formation. There is little movement off the ball from our midfielders. This makes our play slow and predictable. This system will be countered very easily by premier league teams which typically like to crowd the center when playing stronger sides. As a Chelsea fan who has supported the club for 13 years, i am desperate to see us have a "signature", a typically attractive Chelsea way of play but i must admit that will only come afer a number of the present squad members have been replaced over a season or two.


I understand the frustration...waiting until the 92nd minute is never fun for a winner. However, you could see as soon as Deco came on he moved to a 3 5 2 (old school I agree) with Essien acting as Sweeper between JT and Riccy with Cole and Bos as Wingbacks with 3 pretty decent attacking midfielders.

I don't fully agree then that it was just a like for like personnel change

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