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22 March 2010


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As always great article,those numbers pretty much sum up how frustrating we've since December.It looks like we are even worse than I though and realistically speaking we've got no chance to get the league.TBH I'm sick of Ancelotti and the decline he has brought to our team.He seems like in a coma and his tactical decisions are infuriating me.I'm all for supporting a manager but so far Carlo Ancelotti has failed,big time.Yesterdays Chelsea made me hope for the 1st time Jose would return and that's saying something about the state we're in.

Steve Van Doorn

Very good read, I didn't realise the results were that depressing. I'm afraid Ancelloti has the same look that the previous man with a problem had (Scolari)A bit like a rabbit caught in the headlights just a blank expression, and no Idea what to do. A point seemingly mad abvious when Drogba seemed to be telling him what to do, and he just looked blankly back at him.
I would also like stability, but at what cost another season with Ancelloti, pls do not give him money to spend. I f his choice to change a game is Deco on for Kalou!!!
A dissapointed fan from Perth Australia

Joe Tyler

Good article, a few extra points to add, since Christmas, 7 clean sheets in 18 games in all competitions; Birmingham twice, Preston, Watford, Arsenal, Stoke, Wolves. Arsenal aside, hardly world beaters. I still cannot work out our formation on Sunday, and I'm not alone. Why was Lampard, Kalou and Anelka all deployed right hand side with no one out left? Why was Malouda deeper than Mikel and central? I didn't make any sence. If I saw Ancelotti tried something different as a reaction and I understood what was going on and it hadn't worked, fair enough, but it was just nonsence.


we also beat the man utd bastards too though! We need 1 or two new players Aguero and Di Maria, then bring back sinclair, stoch and play kakuta, we need to give it a chance for at least a season, if not beg Hiddink to come back!!!


We are not prepared for our last few games. We come out flat or if we come out prepared, we quickly lose interest and fall back to bad habits.

We should have never let Jose go and it was so obvious when he kicked our ass.

If we continue struggling, I would agree with those who want to see new leadership at the top of our team (Manager)

CA has always been a solid yet suspect coach who needed a miracle to win the CL

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