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hi - think this is a really good blog, has some different stuff from some of the other blogs out there. check it most days

just thinking that it might be useful to be able to have a search option? so that you can look for certain posts, or topics etc? what do you think?

Russell Saunders

Chelsfan - thanks very much for your feedback, pleased you've enjoyed some of the posts on here.

Thanks for the suggestion too - think it was a good idea. I've added a search in the top right hand corner. Let me know if it works ok!


Hi, i have a website for Chelsea news, views, previews and comment called
I have added Bridge Views as one of my favourite sites and wondered if you would return the favour if you like my content. Have a look but there is no obligation.

Sam H

Hello mate,

I couldn’t find a contact page here, so had to use a comment box, hope you don’t mind!

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Would be quality to hear from you




My company represents an online football news and scores site and we would be greatly interested in advertising on your site. We are looking for a 125x125 image advertisement most likely. Please let me know if you are interested as we would like to get started as soon as possible.


Stephen Whiteford


I came across your site when researching websites in your market and am very impressed with the design and layout of your website. Do you use a free template or did you design it yourself?

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I thought that you may be interested in submitting your site to this new UK football directory?

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Hey there,

I'm currently putting together a London based free weekly magazine and I'm looking for fans of all London-based football clubs to write a a few words each week.

I like how professionally you write on the blog, so please get in touch if you'd like to write the Chelsea bit for us.

Editor, This Weekend London


Hi, I help run a Birmingham City Blog ( and would like to know if you would like to do a Q&A session ahead of our game next week. We've done these with a lot of other clubs and they prove to be popular.

If so can you contact me on the e-mail address below and I'll send you the questions.


Olly Frank


I'm not a Chelsea fan but a friend of mine suggested your site to me. I enjoyed your review of the season so far. I'm looking forward to the Inter game but I think you should have too much for them over two legs. Drogba’s been unplayable recently and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down and that should be the difference.

The reason I'm emailing is that I work on a new stats based game called Football3s. Football3s is a real-time game that you play whilst watching a live game on the television and the action on the pitch directly relates to the action in the game. As our game is based on real-time football stats we have information for the number of passes, shots, interceptions etc... by each player at the end of the game and I was wondering if you'd be interested in them from future Chelsea games, for match reports that you write for the site?

We are covering both legs of the Inter tie and our stats will be available at All you need to do is visit after the game and the stats will be available (They show the number of points that each player scored in Football3s last night but the number of each action completed is easily calculated). If you fancy just trying out the game whilst Chelsea aren't being featured we're also doing the Carling Cup final on Sunday at

I hope you find this useful and if you have any questions please get in touch.




I have a blog ' Chelsea FC-True Blue ' and I was wondering whether you would be appreciate adding my blog to your blogroll if you like it.

I have added yours to my links list. Mail me about your response.

By the way, great blog you have out there. The stats column is awesome. Did you fill it up all that is out there ?



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First site I've found (you're about the 6th) that indicates how many of Frank Lampard's goals last season were from the penalty spot - 10 in total. Thanks.

Jonny Cooper


Do you have an email address I can contact you on? Please send me an email, at the address detailed on this comment.

Jonny Cooper

Sam Howley

I've just created a Chelsea Football Club quiz at :

If anyone has suggestions for additional Chelsea Quizs or better questions let me know.

Sam Howley

Maxime Speroni

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Andy Pringle

Good morning,

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Hi There, Went through your site and was keen to know if You are willing to do link exchange, If interested do let me know

John Trenaman

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Rebecca Culleton

Hi football fans,

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I just started compiling a list of Premier League team blogs and adding them to the individual team pages on my site - you can find the link to Chelsea Blog here -

It would be awesome if you could link back to my site in return -  I'm trying to build a central resource for Premier League fans and bloggers around the world.  If you're interested in doing a guest post about an Chelsea player, game, topic, situation etc that would also be great. Just let me know.




Hi Guys,
Just thought you might be interested in James Husbands' newest Illustration of Frank Lampard at


Chelsea FC

We have created an online community for Chelsea FC fans.
This site is like Facebook, letting people share pictures, videos, chat with others, use the forum, post comments, add friends and much more..

In less than a week we got over 100 members. This will continue to grow up as the days go by. Our site its free and will always be. we have added no ads either.
We are just trying to have the best community for the team we love. No other interests.

Please join the site and let your friends know about this site!


this bloggers sucks, I foolishly have this site in my favourites list and come here every day to see the same article never updated. It's time to delete this armature

chelsea fc news

Hey Mate,

Got a nice website going on here..Its really different in terms of the entire layout and the way you have put forward your thoughts.

I run my own Chelsea blog (Chelsea FC News) which is listed on official Chelsea website and has a good presence on google as can check the rankings, page ranks, links..etc for my website and you will come to know..

Irrespective of that my aim is to be linked with all Chelsea fans around the world..

So do let me know if you are interested.



Hope everything is fine there and doing well.

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Mike Howard


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I have added your link to my blog. It would be great if you could return the favour.

If you're interested in reading some of my stuff, you might want to look at my 'What if...' series where I imagine how Chelsea FC might be different if history was re-written:

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