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25 June 2010


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J Spencer

Completely agree with this. Some people said Lampard was average which left me astounded. His passing was amazing that game and along with terry where absolutely amazing. Best game I have seen from the both of them for a while. I honestly think if he scores, he won't stop until (if) we get knocked out.

Gerrard got more plaudits to which makes me wonder if people even watch the games and just write he was fantastic whatever happens. One of his poorer games, but I won't knock him, like Lampard he is sacrificing his game and playing out of position for the team. I'd like to see some stats for lamps, because I have a feeling he's been one of the outstanding players of an otherwise underwhelming qualifying campaign.


It's funny when you think of it, that Franky is compelled to play the same role, what Ballack has done for Chelsea. If you compare the skill set there's too much of an overlap (box to box play, late runs etc.), and someone had to make the sacrifice. In Chelsea's case it was MB. The stark difference in Ballack's performance for Germany and Chelsea is the proof, very similar to the difference (not that stark, I guess) in Lampard's game for the club and country, but with the opposite outcome...

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