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27 July 2009


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I don't think Terry is overinvested or on a "power" trip at all.

It makes perfect sense that having been at the club for about half his life, Chelsea may be far more than a job or a "family" for JT.

While the club has had a strong influence on his own development, it seems he is sharing what he has learned from daily living with CFC and trying to resolve some of the issues that only someone with intimate knowledge of the club could.

JT and the Chelsea management are using the media to their advantage -- and in this fan's opinion -- doing it very well.

Just my 2 cents/pence worth -- thanks for asking and for the well-crafted "bridgeviews."


Russell Saunders

Patsy - thanks v much for your comment and welcome to the blog!

I'm half with you. On the whole it's great to have a captain who invests so much of himself in the club, is plugged into management/ and the board and is clearly a hugely integral part of the furniture. Also his actions over the last few months will probably achieve good results - eg. signing important existing players up to new contracts, pushing for a signing the team really needs etc.

I just think that there's a line that's very close to being crossed here though. He should play an appropriate part in decision making, but shouldn't hold the club to ransom to achieve certain ends - that's not right. Would also liked him to have been a bit more discreet when he did finally come out and explain his reasoning - eg. not say exactly what players he wanted given new contracts.

Anyway, I guess the main thing is he's staying. Here's to a good 09/10...

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Of course Terry has influence at Chelsea, he’s the club captain, he probably thinks he has more influence than he actually has, but no one is bigger than the club, just ask Joe Cole.

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