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28 June 2010


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Alex McCafferty

Good article, but a small question-you mention a german failure in 2002. Was this not the year they reached the final of the world cup?


A good point Alex...typing too quickly. I meant 1998 and 2000. Changed!


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The performances in all the games in the World Cup were pretty clueless, yes even the Slovenia game which could have quite easily gone pear shaped, it was only a matter of time before England played a half decent team and got punished.
Let’s just forget Lampard’s ‘goal’ because by that stage England could have easily been 3 or 4 down. Is it Capello? I’m not sure if it‘s his fault, but he picks the squad and the team & tactics so I guess he will probably walk (with a nice pay cheque) but just look at some of the players, How many truly World Class players do England have? maybe it’s time for a reality check, Capello had so little faith in the squad he brings back Jamie Carragher, please! he would have brought Scholes back too, but he obviously saw what was coming and didn’t want any part of it.
The goalkeeping situation is a mess, and the vein continues through the lackadaisical defence, the disorganised midfield and the misfiring forwards.
I don’t know what the answer is, but I do know it’s a right mess! however I know one man who could sort it out, but he’s just taken over at Real Madrid.


I don't think Mourhino is the answer to England, but I do know who can take England to world cup glory in future and thats Guus Hiddink. I am not surehough ifhe will be available for next 4 years as he is already 70. Throughout the tournament England looked terrible. For all these Capello is to be blamed. He is the manager and he is the one who takes responsibility. Hesky and SWP were bad bad inclusions in the worldcup. I do not understand as to why the youngsters were not given a chance. Just look at germany and all you can see are youngsters who are playing some amazing football at this point of time. If they had Ballack I am sure they would be the favorites at this point of time. Also since Rooney likes the lone striker role whay wasn't he allowed to do that in atleast one of the matches and see how it went? I mean these are the same bunch of guys who hit over 50 goals combined this season. All in all Capello was a very bad mistake by england

J Spencer

I'm starting to feel like I know very little about football...Capello doing so poorly, despite winning so much already. Maradonna doing so well... I'm starting to think maybe the answer is Gascoigne for manager...

Seriously though we do actually have a good generation coming through, we just won the U-17. Think about this for a midfield, Rodwell, McEachren and Wilshere. Though I do think we are realistically 8 years from having another good shot. Capello lost it for me by having to slow central defenders and playing them high up. It seemed like a schoolboy error tactically. I lost count of the ammount of times the Germans got behind our defence. The need for a winter break argument is starting to hold more sway with me though. It does seem like something that you would not be prepared for if you didn't see it first hand.

Either way I am most sorry for Terry and Lampard as it is probably their last World Cup and they really deserved better than this. Even if the media and other supporters don't think so, we know they gave it their all for the England Shirt.

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