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18 November 2010


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J Spencer

I'm just hoping that Bruma starts instead of Ferreira. I don't know if he is any good, but at least he's a natural CB and won't look lost. I'd also like to see Malouda play in the midfield and Zhirkov on the wing. He's bigger and stronger than Zhirkov and he played their all last season. Zhirkov is good going forward, but he's no midfielder and it hasn't worked against Liverpool or Sunderland. I don't think we are in crisis and I think we will win the next game, but we are paying the cost for not blooding our younger players sooner as part of a first team instead of some ad hoc thrown together team. You can't win the league with 15 players and either our young players are good enough or they shouldn't be in our first team squad.


Nice to know we still have calm Chelsea heads out there. Yes, we're having a bad run but the fact that we're still on top means the opposition haven't been any better. Chelsea will probably still drop points, but so will the rest. End of story.


nice article...good sermon on the patience thing but that is going to be hard to exercise because u have a coach u plays a bad right-back in the CB position when u have a natural on the bench.he meeses up and he gets to play 90mins.a coach who loses to a team we have beaten in the past 12matches by a 3-0 scoreline. on home ground! STAMFORD BRIDGE! WHAT A HUMILIATION.i hate that guy for this.


I agree with j Spencer regarding the youngsters. If Bruma doesn't start against Brum he will wonder what needs to happen for him to get a game and if Kakuta doesnt start playing we will lose him to a pre-contract in january. Our 1st eleven is good enough to win the league, we can cope with one or two injuries but to have 4 genuine 1st team players out, no club can cope with that. By the time they all come back from injury and suspension it will be too late for this season i'm afraid.


I think Chelsea is an older team. Drogba, Lampard, Anelka, Malouda, and Terry are (or will be soon) 30+. You add in all the games this team has played in the last year adding up Barclays Season (38), UEFA (8), Carling Cup (3), FA Cup (6), the Community Shield AND the World Cup plus all qualification games and this team must be exhausted. I think that explains a lot of the injuries this season and I don't think injuries will go away all year. In addition, Chelsea has some players who are under 30 who are more injury prone than most like Cole, Essien, Benayon, Zhirkov, and Ferreira.

I really think this team needs to sign some young players but they don't need to be $20M signings like Essien and Drogba where. Chelsea now is much more established and they can bring young players in slowly. That's why the Ramires deal makes no sense im my opinion, Chelsea could have gotten another MF for 1/2 the cost who is equal in skill, like Jack Rodwell (who is also English which helps with the English player requirements). Signing young guys like Lukaku, Muniain, Javi Martinez, Ganso, Ninis, Elia, or Santon would cost the team approximately about $15M a piece and by signing 3 of them Chelsea could make their team much, much stronger. Signing Lukaku, Muniain and Santon would be my top choice and give Chelsea a ST, CF, and WB for the future. I'd much rather sign some of these guys then splash $30M at Neymar.

Also, the Sunderland game showed us Cech's value but if he suffered a serious injury this team would be in bad shape. While most games we don't allow many goals we do normally allow 2 or 3 really good chances and I think we need a better backup keeper than Turnull or Hilario.

J Spencer

I'm agreeing with Kman23b, but I honestly think the days we spend more than 20M on a player will be rare. I'd love to see Lukaku, but honestly I don't think we need any other young player. Maybe a right back and a young CB if Bruma isn't good enough. I'd rather develop our young players than bring in Neymar and the like.


Remember last season, Chelsea had a pretty weak winter with poor results and dropped points. Maybe the players suffer from winter depressions? Anyway, maybe I'm just naive, but I'm actually staying positive about Chelsea, which is quite strange since I'm an eternal pessimist about everything. It also looks like Alex will, against all odds, be ready against Birmingham so the situation isn't all bleak at all.

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