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16 June 2010


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Mate, I Couldn't Agree more About joey Cole.
Well Said.

Jens, DK

thank you for giving me a slightly less one-sided, slightly more positive view, on the Benayoun transfer.
About Joe: If he really wanted a upgraded salary, after months and months of us paying his wage while he was in rehab, then he should be let go. The player of the season 07/08 did not offer much on-field this season, and has done nothing to deserve anything less than a decreased wage.
But Benayoun... If he is to be anything but a squad player, i will cry salty salty tears.
Thx again, great blog.


Joe Cole has been useless the last two seasons.
I know we all love him but let's be honest he's
gone so far backwards.Any pace he had is gone.
Trick after trick with no end product and his final ball is terrible.As a season ticket holder,it's the best news iv'e got this summer.
Benayoun has caused huge trouble for Chelsea in big games,laying on several goals for Torres.I
know he's not a big name but he was Liverpool's
best player the last few Months of the season.He has to be a big improvement on Cole,let's face it he can't be any worse.


When I first heard about our interest in Benayoun I dismissed it as some agent's fantasy. But I have to admit that whenever we played Liverpool, he was always one of the players that I feared the most. I have the feeling that he's the kind of player who plays well when surrounded by better players. I'm not dancing with joy about it but I am prepared to wait to and see.


What I'm concerned about with Benayoun is not that he is a bad player, because I do believe he is quite decent and underrated, but I do feel that we should be looking at younger players, since we already have quite an old team. I will only be disappointed if Benayoun turns out to be our only signing this season.

J Spencer

So lets imagine he is going to play on the right side of the 2 in a 4-3-2-1. As an impact player/squad player. We just let a youth prospect go for 2.5M who was playing in the top tier of the dutch league and was only 20, Stoch. I'd much rather have given him a chance there than giving a 30 year old a four year contract with a one year extension. Stoch would also count as a home grown player.

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