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03 April 2010


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I checked Machedas hand ball goal many times on the slowmo, it was defintely intentional.


a great win today. the league isnt won though - but i reckon if we can beat spurs at WHL we'll do it.

referee was terrible today and if i was a utd fan i'd be pretty pissed off about drogbas goal. we were on the end of equally bad decisions, but that was much more 'obvious', so reckon the papers will focus on it.

very good professional performance from the lads today. ktbffh!!

Michael Hepp

What an exciting win. Makes the loss in the CL sting a little less. The officiating was questionable but it seems that way in a lot of the big clashes. Well done by the players and a tip of the cap to Ancelotti. I read everywhere how Man U was going to win because of Fergie so this is a nice win for Ancelotti.

Certainly the season is far from over but this win is a nice feather in the cap.


Great game. Anyone think we were a bit too cautious in the 2nd half? We were all over them in the first 45, but defended deep later on and invited pressure. I don't think they did anything to earn that really. Better when Drog and Kalou came on and we started getting tight to them again.

syd master

always feels great especially when we beat team like Man Utd....

but the race for title are not over...for me team that drop a single point after this is over....and hope it`s not Chelsea FC...

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