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28 April 2010


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hmmmm. i just don't think he's improved at all. yes, i understand that we need 'squad' players, but you have to ask why he hasn't improved at least a little. i question his footballing brain - he so often is offside or delays the pass too long


I wouldn't sell him. He's scored some vital goals (the equaliser against Sp*rs in the Cup, for example) but if Gael Kakuta comes into the squad and Joe Cole stays, then with Malouda there as well, Kalou's opportunities may be very limited. Kakuta is a very exciting player, Malouda is the most improved and Joe Cole is a fan's favourite......difficult choice


i definately dont enjoy giving him stick, but your 3rd paragraph sums things up really, poor decision making and ok he scored 3 at the weekend but lets face it most of the time he wastes lots of chances. selling him i'm not too sure about, as a squad player you cant fault him, he never moans about being on the bench and can have an inpact as a sub, also how much would we get for him, hardly enough to buy a top class player, so maybe a bit of time is needed, it just frustrates me when i see an excellent build up only to see him mess it up


Kalou played a great game and continues to be a threat right around the goal

But that has never been a question

Kalou still struggles anywhere outside the box and I am not as sure as others that we should just let him start next season without any competition.

He still needs 1-2 seasons before he becomes a complete player


ive said it for ages, should of signed adam johnson, look what hes done at city, and even a late shout for the world cup, weve got to ask ourselves, would kalou be in any man utd team though? hes an enigma, but a very frustrating one, can beat 4, 5 men then does the worst pass you could ever hope for, give him half of next season then we'll see, i still think we lack that extra bit of man-beating match winner, i.e robben or zola, i understand that every team doesnt have one, but by god, sometimes we really do need it, especially at home.

J spencer

He always seems to score when I want him subbed off, i'll give him that. I still think he should go. You are thinking about it in the wrong way. Sure he is a good enough bench player and I don't expect him to be Messi, but wouldn't you rather we gave Sturridge, Kakuta, Borini and Stoch some time off the bench next season? He's a nice guy, but like Sean-Wright Phillips, I don't think he's smart enough in the final third and I don't think that is something you can improve with training either. We have a potential world beater on the bench in Kakuta and the fact that he isn't getting games is criminal. The stats also don't show how many attacks he breaks down through poor choices or simply falling over his own feet.


I'd like to see a bit more consistancy from Kalou. Ok he might not play enough to get that but its time for him to improve. He does'nt get the rules of offside and his 3rd goal nearly did'nt happen when a square ball to an unmarked player was the thing to do. Likewise he can beat a couple of players and then try to beat a third which becomes his undoing. Again beating 2 players and passing to a teamate in a better position would be the thing to do. If he were to do this then he would be a far better player.Maybe thats why Wenger is interested, he can see the potential.

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