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26 April 2010


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No doubt there has been a much greater effort to rack up a big score when the opposition has thrown in the towel than in previous seasons - everyone has been aware that the title could be decided on GD.

In the past, I sometimes felt that when we were 4 or 5 nil up, a sort of unofficial "mercy rule" came into effect with a perceptible (and perhaps, understandable) slackening of the pace after the game had effectively been won.

One example I remember well was against Coventry when we were 6-0 up with over 30 minutes to play. I was hoping to see some sort of record set but, instead, we failed to add to the tally and the game became a training session.


When you read this, you get excited as we should.

But it also makes you shake your head at how we lost or drew several matches. It really does.

It wouldn't shock me if the Reds beat us nor would it shock me if we won by 5


Great articles, thank you for sharing!


“The thinking fan's Chelsea blog.” Isn’t that an oxymoron? Can you get a thinking Chelsea fan?


jimmisav - we haven't heard that one before... next you'll suggest we won't understand what an oxymoron is. as if fans of other clubs are all mensa members...

anyway, i genuinely think Ancelotti has changed Chelsea. scoring goals is just one part of it - whilst we've had off games we've also played some scintillating passing football at times. An Arsenal we're not, but it's moved in the right direction.

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