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21 April 2010


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I loved it when Jose said that, at last someone has had the balls to stand up and say something about Chelsea v Barca last year!! Although he did'nt go as far to say the ref was bent , the insinuation is there. I for one miss Jose badly and if he was in charge of our team now the title would already be ours.Go and win the ECL now Jose!!!

Alex McCafferty

Hi, I didn't get to see the game last night, and only caught highlights this morning, but from what I could tell, Inter's performance was textbook José. Barca can be nullified, just look at last night and also Hiddink's Chelsea last year. With regards to Ancelotti, I do like the man and think he should definitely remain as manager, no matter whether we win the league or not. However, if we do manage to hold to our lead, I don't think it will disguise the fact that it came in what, points-wise, has been a remarkably bad year for the premier league


Thanks for your comments both.

Alex - you're bang right on all that. I was getting increasingly frustrated with all the media hype around Barca - don't think any team has taken them on properly/ sensibly in Europe this season. They rode their luck in places, but Inter set about the task in the right way and gave themselves a chance.

You're right: Barca can be nullified. It's time everyone wakes up rather than loose their heads everytime another team just rolls over. All that said: I'm not claiming they're not the best...just that they aren't superhuman.

You're right on Carlo too. I don't think he's tactically the best, or psychologically (jose's strength). And this season has definitely seen a dip in class at the top of the league (not places 4-8 though I reckon). Will be interesting to see what happens in the summer.


Hail Jose!You will always remain in Chelsea fans hearts(atleast mine)


"....MY Chelsea boys...."; how can you not love him for saying that? The man's a god.

And he's right - they are still His players. They'll always be his players because of what he achieved with them. He made them; taught them everything they know; taught them how to win. For me, the most significant thing he said at the first press conference wasn't "I think I am a special one" but "I know how to win". I'd have him back in a heartbeat.

But it ain't gonna happen and we do need to try and move on. Winning the league again will be a significant step but the aura of TSO will continue to dazzle his successors until all of His players have gone.


The man is a Genius; one in a billion..,it was the worst decision ever to let him go...,even though Carlo doing a decent job i would take him back any moment.,


No there's nothing wrong with nostalgia.

There's everything wrong with this incessant love in.

Let's not forget the mood of the "fans" during Jose's last season. Moaning about the style of the play, moaning about the results.


Alex,although I see your point in regard to a hard fought title victory,I wouldn't say it's been a bad year for the premier league,on the contrary it has been fantastic for unpredictable results,with new power bases rising to challenge the predictable four of years gone by.

No one other than the fans of any relevant club chasing an easy title success could be disappointed at the points being spread thinner across the board.

All the best for the weekend.


As much as I respect Jose for what he did as Chelsea boss, I think he attracted too much bad press. Also, I really don't think I'll take him back cos of his style of play. At the time, it was all about winning, no matter how ugly. Things have changed now and I believe Carlo probably needs two transfer windows to make this team his own. It really is still Mou's team.

Paul Hunter

@foggy. Are you mad or just stupid? what is wrong with "just winning"
So as long as the football is pretty, it dosen't matter if we don't win.
I'm not a huge Mourinho fan myself, but he is unrivalled tactically, and his man management skills are second to none. he was forced out of Chelsea because Roman interferes too much in day to day football business. as the person before me said, "if Mourinho was still here, the title would be ours alredy" he/she is 100% spot on.


ortiv, so lets have the style of play like Chelsea v Portsmouth, Chelsea v Bolton, Wigan v Chelsea, Hull V Chelsea, Spuds v Chelsea, Blackburn and Birmingham v Chelsea this season??? We are really pulling up trees with our style of play this year.....NOT!! We were awful in all those games.... give me winning any day of the week.


@Springy, as a Chelsea fan, i understand your feelings. Nevertheless, i feel Carlo deserves credit for what he has done so far, under the circumstances.
Mou was let go, not because he wasn't good (tactically he's the best around these days) but because Abram wanted football that was "easy on the eye" which Mou couldn't deliver. You'll agree with me that this is high on the wish list of every fan (just behind a swelling trophy cabinet).
The transition from Mou-type football was never going to be seamless given the players we've got. That's where the games you've listed come in.
Look on the bright side, little tweaks here and there and we're going to make a lot of teams look like Villa and Sunderland next season. In the mean time, start ordering for Champagne if you haven't. The double is a reality

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