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15 April 2010


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I have to give Ancelotti the benefit of the doubt -- I think he was trying to give Malouda and Cole some rest for Spurs, and he thought the old formation would do against Bolton. I doubt we'll see it again this season. At least I hope not.

I was a believer in the Anelka & Drogba partnership at the beginning of the season, but I must admit playing one up front and using the other as a super-sub seems to be the better option.

It will be interesting to see how the dynamics change next year.


Malouda Joey Cole

It Should be like thatt ^^^^^^
anelka should of been a midfielder, hes got amazing pace, fantastic skills, ya never know what he'll do next, excellent trickery.. but still a good striker..
its a hard choicee


Great piece of work. My conclusion from your evidence is: "Start Anelka on his own against 'lower' opposition. Start Drogba on his own against 'strong' opposition. Start them both together when we might need to defend a lot in our box - e.g. from set pieces and long ball teams".


I think we have gone with a more attacking 4-3-3 in alot of Anelka's starts alone, and I think this team is more built for that as currently constructed. Anelka has not been impressive to me since early in the season, and it really seems like both he and Drogba are poorly suited to playing out on the wings. I won't be upset if Anelka is sold this winter, although I'd be fine with allowing him to play out his contract next season before he goes on his way.


good article


Anelka has helped us tremendously this year but he also has been TERRIBLE in several big games

In our 1st game against Inter, he was an absolute joke on the pitch. Couldn't move, pass, or get going whatsoever


Awesome post.

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If I was Sir Alex, I'll drop Wayne Rooney quicker than a prostitute's pants. The guy should be punished not because of what he did, but because of the stupid way he did it.

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