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14 April 2010


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Bullshit.. It shows that FA helps you to the title.. Feel good to win it like that?
-droga offside
-terry horrible tackle on Milner
-1-0 goal this autumn against utd
-2 clear-as-the-daylight penos against bolton

how much did the russian pay the fa is the question.

Paul Hunter

I thought Owen Coyle's philosophy on the beautiful game is to "play football"
Well last night Bolton clearly came to rough CFC up and get a draw. The Drogba hanball was a penalty.
But the phrase springs to mind Mr Coyle "slings and arrows"
46 minutes ago ·


Hahaha Sprite you sound like a very bitter little man, you also sound like a manyoo fan. In all honesty Chelsea have rode there luck this season at times, but have also had their fair share of luck going against them, the freak goals we conceded agsinst everton at home for example. Chelsea have been the better of the top 4 (do the scousers even count any more?) teams in head to head, you have to admit that. Maybe the Ronney injury has be a product of our luck this season aswell, who knows? (although that's not so good for the WC) but we're the ones who're 4 points clear with 4 games to go, Man Utd were deserved winners last season, and if Chelsea win it this season people will just have to admit we've been the better side this season. Simples :)


Ah, well. Try to initiate a mature, rational discussion about the impact of referring decisions, own goals, Lady Luck and all the vagaries and twists of fate that affect the game....... and all you get is a bile encrusted Manc who's slowly having to come to terms with the possibility that his only reason for "supporting" Man U (i.e. because they always win) may not exist this season. Sad.


The only difference between Chelsea and Bolton is that Chelsea's 'luck' from ref decisions are plastered over all the papers, radio and TV. Do you think no smaller team has scored an offside goal, got away with a penalty or sending off? It's absolutely ridiculous to claim. Chelsea's nerves made Bolton look better than they are - otherwise it would have been another whitewash for the blues

Phil Hilton

I am a Chelsea fan,but I will be embarrassed if we win the Premier league this season.
We usually make our own luck,but if we win the title we will have been handed it on a plate by the most incompetent bunch of referees and assistants I have ever had the misfortune to witness.
A sad,hollow victory!



Drogba's cross and Anelka's goal weren't luck. All that really matters at the end of the day.

PH is not a Chelsea fan

PH, you are not a real Chelsea fan. Bye.


Have to agree - it seems unlikely the views of Phil Hilton are those of a genuine Chelsea fan.

Question is, is he a Utd, Arsenal or Bolton supporter? I'm voting the former.


Sprite: re:-1-0 goal this autumn against utd

If the roles had been reversed and Drogba fell to the ground like Brown did after being touched on the wrist would you have been saying it was a deserved penalty or that Drogba was a diver?


ph your'e no Chelsea fan, we,ve had all the crap from the press and media over JT and Bridge and it did destablise us.We've had injuries and the ACON to deal with and we are top. If we win the league then it will be some feat!!


Sorry, PH, but your risibly transparent attempt at a wind up falls at the first hurdle: if you were genuinely a Chelsea fan, you would know that the only thing that we ever really need to be embarrassed about is John Dempsey's 1970's haircut.

Michael Hepp

Luck is almost required when winning a championship. Luck to avoid key injuries, luck get a favorable schedule, luck of good referee decisions. I could go on, but just about any team that has won a championship, I could argue, luck has played a part.

I still worry about us against Tottenham at the weekend, an later a Liverpool team foaming at the mouth to derail us. Whenever we look poised to take an advantage over Man U we have slipped this season. We need to stay focused and play well.

Phil Hilton

You clever lot.I've been sussed as a Man.U. fan.This is truly the thinking fans' website!
Sincere good luck against Spurs,although you are bound to win with 15 men on the pitch,including the 4 officials!



Phil - we do indeed try and have a bit of a think from time to time. One day - one day - we may even be able to aspire to your astounding level of sarcasm.

Fair play though. League isn't done though - won't believe we've regained the title until it's done. Saturday may well be pivotal...

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