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12 April 2010


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I really think that rather than focusing only on the goals conceded, you should look at goal difference. I'll be honest, in a 7-2 win over Sunderland, I fail to get upset about the two goals conceded. A better assessment as to Chelsea's progress would be whether we continue to score more than we concede, and how much more.


EuroBlue - thanks for your comment. You're absolutely right of course, it's all relative.

Saying that though, there is obviously a fairly clear link between goals conceded and points won, and a more-than-expected number of losses and draws this season is certainly down to Chelsea leaking more goals than we would have thought. It certainly hasn't typically been down to us failing to score...

Who would have thought that scoring 2 against City at the Bridge wouldn't have been enough? Or three against Everton? Or three against Blackburn at Ewood Park in the Carling Cup?

I'd love to do lots of even more deep analysis of the stats, but there's also the question of time... And the fact that I'm no mathematician!


I think most of the yellow cards we received were justified.It looks to me as a result of desperate defending more than mistimed tackles.Our defenders and Mikel sometimes struggle against the opposition so a yellow card for stopping an attack that could lead to a goal is a rather good deal.

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