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11 March 2010


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he's not world class, but he's good enough. have to say i agree that we meeed to give young players more of a chance. whats happened to kakuta? Borini was making more appearances but now we haven't seen him for months. hutchinson, bruma?

their early appearances were a bit of a false dawn. if young players like mikel don't get a fair chance or are dropped after mistakes (tbf mikel is geting a game and his mistakes haven't cost him yet)then we won't get the best young players wanting to come to chelsea

Louis Lombardi

im one of the few chelsea fans that like mikel, he's good at what he does as a distributor of the ball, i.e. short passes or tidy passes around our D, but i agree he is no Essien. for me Essien is the most versatile midfielder in the world, given his attributes of every area of the pitch, i think you have to say Essien is among the top 3 midfielders in the world; he is absoloutely IMMENSE. Any team in the world would miss his presence in front of the defence or buckaneering runs through the midfield, and to be honest i think we are so conscious of his absence, we become anxious and paranoid to blame Mikel, i do feel however that essiens pace is missed the most and mikel is not that zippy sort of player with the ball, we probably end up playing slower with Mikel, but that is not to say we dont play well, he is just another dimension that is credit to our amazing variety throughout the squad. Lets support him, because he is a young player with so much more to give, more than he already has, i like the stats of how many games hes played that were given, which proves maybe how little notice, we've actually taken of the good things he's done. Lets just hope Essiens back soon though, because for me i would not swap him for anyone. cOME ON THE CHELS!!!!


I do rate Obi Mikel despite his huge mistakes like the back-pass in the APOEL game or the header in City game.I'm quite sure he'll never reach Mak's level or Essien's but he is good enough for his age and experience will only make him better.I'm not sure he is the youngster who should be given playtime(Sturridge looks like he's more worth it,Kakuta should get some too)but the number of games he has played is great for a player of his age and skills.

Mos Def

Brilliant article. Then again, I would say that as I agree with your views! I think Mikel has a lot to work on but as long as he has the desire to work on it, he will come good in the next two or so seasons and emerge as a wolrd class player. The real question is wether he has the hunger to succeed.


Good article. Fans have to realise that Mikel has fantastic presence on the pitch and for a player of his size is a wonderful athlete with great movement and balance. He has the potential to be better than Ballack in my opinion and indeed at the present time offers more than Ballack to our team. There are few players around with those abilities hence his price and the demand for him. I remain hopeful that he will emerge as a truly great midfielder given a little more experience


I love u all 4 all ur comments on Mikel.The young player was the most under appreciated player in chelsea. Comments like this will shouldly ginger the young man.

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