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03 June 2009


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Very interesting! Would have been fascinating to have played a big premiership game with Guus at the helm - if we could just have changed a couple of those results (the losses to Liverpool and Manchester), our whole season might have ended differently. So near yet so far!


On a separate note: some interesting comments praising Ancelotti in The Times this morning:

"Ancelotti has never worked outside Italy." So what? Sir Alex Ferguson had never managed outside Scotland. Rafa Benitez had never managed outside Spain. Arsene Wenger had never managed outside France (except for two years in Japan, which, as we know, is ideal preparation for the Premier League).

"Italian football is not particularly strong at the moment." Neither was Portuguese football when Jose Mourinho came over. If you can only hire guys from the strongest leagues, maybe they could have brought Juande Ramos back to London.

"Ancelotti won just one league title in 14 seasons as a manager." For a start, it's actually 11 seasons. And he finished second on six occasions. On two of the four occasions when he failed to finish first or second, he won the Champions' League. Only twice in 11 full seasons in Serie A did he fail to finish first or second or win the Champions' League.

"How could Ancelotti possibly deal with megalomaniacal, intefering billionaire owner like Roman Abramovich?" This one's easy (even assuming that Abramovich is "megalomaniacal" and "inferfering" which, given that the guy never speaks in public, has yet to be proven). I have two words for you: Silvio Berlusconi.


That was the thing I felt the most at the FA Cup Final - that we were saying goodbye and thanks to Guus. Oddly made the day worthwhile, without that not sure I would have been that elated.

Don't care what The Times says - not sure about Ancelotti!

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