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23 March 2010


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Rooney takes Pens ,Drog doesnt.,

Jose M.

Load of rubbish, Rooney works 3 times as hard, doesn't spend the game rolling around on the floor... and has scored goals against AC Milan this season. Did Drogba do it on the big stage against Inter?! No because he is predictable, get in early and disrupt his play. Rooney is too strong to fall for this. Keep writing though pal!!

Surattiya Patradhamkul

In next match ManU vs Chelsea ,they will win again 2-1 and referee gives them the penalty while Chelsea lead 1-0. Drog may score but finally Man U take the title to make new ERA.


'Jose M.' - thanks for your comment and encouragement! I have to say, Drogba not working hard is a bit of a misomer. Can't really argue with your suggestion that he rolls around though...

And on the Milan point - I did emphasise that I couldn't look at goals scored in other competitions. Plus of course, anyone could have scored against that Milan defence... Drogba didn't do it against Inter because Chelsea didn't play well, Ancelotti's tactics (or lack thereof) delivered him no support and Chelsea's midfield was well off its game. Geenrally speaking though, Drogba plays well against the better opposition.


Drogba won African Player of the year twice...rooney never will :P


Rooney has been far more consistent than Drogba over many more elements of his game this season. Drogba has been very good, but has gone missing in too many games. Last season, I would have had no problem in saying that Drogba was the better striker. But Rooney has just been getting better and better, and I think he has eclipsed Drogba now. He is a more complete forward than any other in the world, and the only striker that you could say rivals him is Messi.


Being a Chelsea fan, a lot of us love praising Didier, but right Rooney is the better. One of the primary reasons Rooney edges our beloved Ivorian is that to me, when under heavy pressure games and important stages (last 20mins of game etc), Inter, Everton, Blackburn, Citeh, etc, Drogba just seems to be somewhere else. One min he gives Arsenal a drubbing, next min, against say even Blackburn, when the pressure was on, at 1-1, when we look to DD, he is nowhere to be found, where as Rooney is a Mr. Reliable, whether he scores, or creates the chance. Rooney is what Messi or Robben do, dribble past 2-3 players, changes the whole game on his own and doesn't need team-mates. That is where Drogba, who has the potential to do just that, lacks.


i love these man united fans desperatly trying to find excuses why rooney should be better -.-
btw im neither for drogba or rooney, just saying


United fan here but a good analysis. Cearly few reds would swap Rooney for anyone and equally the same would apply for Chelsea fans and Drogba. They are both very good players and manage to do the work of 2 forwards. Both for me though are yet to reach the level of great. One thing I'd throw in Rooney's favour is that he's got 5-6 years on Drogba. Good blog interesting to get another view.


NOT desperately trying to find excuses, but such analysis can be designed to 'prove' almost anything :) but one thing is undeniable, rooney these days is undeniably a loyal red whereas Drog tends to pick up reds (cards, that is ... what were u thinking) :P


Rooney scored 4 goals in 341 minutes of CL 2009/2010 while Drogba scored 3 goals in 447 minutes of CL 2009/2010. Rooney scored 3 of those goals in the first knock round while Drogba scored all of his goals in the group stage.

I'm a United fan and I think both players are fantastic full stop. Statistical analysis of this nature is futile and can be manipulated either way based on the bias of the writer.


yup, the stats are meaningless here - if drogba scores less goals, then that used as a base count for your percentages of course ups the stats in his favour ;0

i.e. A scores only 2 goals, and both are against big 4 or in one game vs pool - his stats are 100% !

whats the point of scoring the teams anyways - also, by spliting the table into top half and bottom half assumes the table has always been in fixed state - has it? manutd have scored against teams that were in top half and caused them to lose and drop to bottom half and vice versa, and when you take that into account, how is the "scoring" chart of yours reliable? ;p


Just because Rooney is having a better year doesn't mean the argument shifts completely to him.

United has done a fantastic job putting Rooney in a spot to finish and score while Chelsea, imo, has done a ridiculously poor job doing just that in many games with DD.

I figure Rooney is soon going to cool off while DD heats up.


Good article but I have to disagree with your conclusions (cos I'm a Man United fan). I think they're both equally dangerous and equally as important to their teams. Drogba's pure strength let's him out muscle anybody whereas Rooney has become a master at making space in the box to get his tap ins.

For me, I'd rather Rooney in my team simply due to how he forces us to play when he's in the team. He links and changes play exceptionally well, whereas Chelsea often seem too direct when playing to Drogba. This is no reflection on Drogba at all but this affects my decision when deciding who I'd rather in my team!

arase victor

for me rooney is the better player,bcos he seems to help the deffence when ever he is playing,why drogba just wait in the box and uses his strength.

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