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09 July 2009


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Well said Russell. There we were we Chelsea fans worrying about our Chelsea and once I used to say our John Terry but of course we can't say that anymore because independent of whether he stays or goes, the wound is deep and it will take alot of time even if he stays to believe he is truly Mr.Chelsea. Both our Chelsea and John Terry knew Chelsea fans' minds and hearts were hurting and expecting a declaration or statement on his return to training with Chelsea. But no, what did we get complete silence except for a it will be alright on the night attitude. Unfortunately it isn't always alright on the night. John Terry did not care enough for Chelsea and Chelsea fans to say something to put blues minds and hearts and rest and our Chelsea probably were afraid to force him into making a declaration or else..... This brings me to the fact that I feel John Terry has too much power at Stamford Bridge and is abusing that power and maybe already has if he forced Jose Mourinho out of Chelsea as Claude Makelele said. It is natural that Man.City will continue pushing because they sense that John Terry is contrary to what everyone thought, even non-Chelsea fans, not as committed to Chelsea as they tought and can be enticed away with money. It is true that sadly our Chelsea are not attracting and signing the big stars as we used to and I think we should even though the prices being asked are exxagerated, and that may bring doubts to John Terry as it does to us on how ambitious are Chelsea still are but if its ambition or the lack of it John Terry is worrying about, as Daniel Sturridge who just left Man.City for our Chelsea said, Chelsea still beat Man.City all ends up. And like you Russell I was thinking the same thing in that now that John Terry is playing dirty with Chelsea, I would like to remind him that if he had not slipped in giving a penalty, Chelsea would have won the Champions League, the lack of which, he now accuses Chelsea with. It never ceases to amaze me how these players and Deco gave us more evidence of this yesterday when Deco said he is ready to stay at Chelsea but things must change at Chelsea, how these players never admit their fault and say mea culpa, no its always others, the club and in this case Chelsea to blame.

I'm with you Anthony. I don't expect players to be loyal - in general they're just doing their jobs. But in that case they shouldn't declare their loyalty, claim that they're fans, that they're a club through and through. Rooney had every right to leave Everton - he just shouldn't have told the fans that he never would. They need to have more respect than that.

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