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14 July 2009


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Anthony Calleja

All points both on the side of those for keeping John Terry and for selling him, that you made Russell are equally and fully valid. However if I was the Chelsea boss and I had to make the decision, it would depend if John Terry wanted to stay with our Chelsea and was still fully committed to our Chelsea as he always was in the past. If he answers yes, then no matter what the price I would never sell John Terry. But if he told me he wanted to leave and did not feel the same way and level for our Chelsea, then I would sell him as no matter the past, since he no longer loved Chelsea, he need no longer stay. But from what I have seen and heared I believe John Terry still loves our Chelsea and will stay with us. If he no longer loved our Chelsea and wanted to leave, no doubt he already would have as today the players can force any transfer they want.

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