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03 July 2009


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But will Terry stay at The Bridge? That is the question. City haven't just put a bid in without doing their homework first. It has been reported that JT was in a Dubai hotel at the same time as Mark Hughes recently. We have Wayne Bridge and SWP at Eastlands who could well be in direct contact with JT and have passed on JT's willingness to hear what's on offer.

Why has Kenyon gone public? Could he be simply posturing to gain a better price and to make it appear that (should JT come to Eastands) JT wants the move rather than Chelsea want to sell?

The next few days will be interesting to say the least.

Today's newspapers are emphasizing that John Terry has not made a statement of loyalty to Chelsea where normally he responds immediately as he did when Man.City first bid for him. No matter where John Terry is, he could easily have made a statement in any form and his silence could mean that he prefer's Man.City's money to his love for Chelsea and if he does then indeed his love for Chelsea was false and a lie.

Would be devastated if JT left. Not only because I think we'd miss him either - as Anthony says, it calls into question everything you believe. I always thought he was as much a Chelsea fan as me. Here's hoping that's true.

I have even met Man.Utd fans telling me they hope John Terry stays with our Chelsea and they hoped so not because they were jealous of Man.City but because if John Terry left our Chelsea for the money of Man.City after all his life saying and having everyone believe he was like us a Chelsea fan and would stay with us for life, it would be another fall of beliefs, principles, nobility and loyalty against money and mercenary as sadly tends to happen in this modern world. I am of and for the ways of the old world and if I was lucky and honoured enough to play for Chelsea, I would never leave chelsea and I would state it clearly as many times and as strongly as it takes to leave no doubt both in Chelsea minds and hearts and in the minds of those trying to steal me away from Chelsea.

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