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24 June 2009


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Michael Hepp

I think you have left out a few quality players in this discussion. Ballack being one. Personally I think he was either at his peak or very close when coming to Chelsea. I also think Makalele was another great player to come to Chelsea, maybe towards the end, but I think he may be the reason Madrid has been unable to return to playing great again. While at Chelsea he was a good contributor.

Personally I don't want Ribery, just don't see what is so special about him. Pirlo is closer the end of his career than the beginning. I know he is a great player but too old for my liking. Pato would be nice, but at the end of the day he is going to have to share space with Drogba and if Drogba is on his game Pato is going to be on the bench or playing wide like Anelka. He must know that, sure in another year he might be the main guy, but Chelsea could still get him next year.

I would like to see us get Maicon and a winger. I know you are happy with how Malouda has played but if he takes another mental vacation or gets injured I would like a back up.

Anthony Calleja

Another brilliant article Russell with which I fully agree. I really enjoy reading your articles about Chelsea and nearly always we agree my Chelsea friend. In this article you mentioned Paul Parker and Rod Liddle. Rod Liddle, I had never heared about but while looking for Chelsea articles to post on my Chelsea website, I cam across his article which you commented excellently on and I was shocked how rabid anti-Chelsea he was and how the article was not worth posting on my Chelsea website. Paul Parker I remember playing with Queens Park Rangers and Man.Utd but I used to think he was a quiet, respectful guy but he writes on the Yahoo/Eurosport website and I started noticing how rabidly anti Chelsea he is too, never missing an opportunity to attack and put down our Chelsea. Keep up the good work for our Chelsea Russell. We are with you all the way my Chelsea friend.

Russell Saunders

Michael - thanks for your comment. You make a good point...both Makalele and Ballack have been of unquestionable world class quality (the latter not always at Chelsea though).

Check out that article I wrote a couple of weeks ago on Paul Parker's piece where I make a similar point to you and actually argue that, of all the PL teams, Chelsea have made the most high profile signings.

Think i'm with you on Ribery. Not sure where the evidence is that he's THAT good? He's only played in France and Germany...

I am happy with Malouda but you're right. Above all else we need some more creativity on the wings. Who would you have your eye on?

Param Dhillon

All of you raise valid points and although im from Australia, ive read a lot about how the high income tax in England is possibly deterring those sorts of players...

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