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13 July 2009


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If Man City really is offering 40 million pounds (40 MILLION?!) and he's not content with Chelsea's wage increase proposal, which would make him the higher per week player for Chelsea, then I say let him go.

Let's be clear; he's not worth 40 million pounds and if he doesn't want to be here then cash in while you can. He's not getting any younger.

Michael Hepp

I agree, 40M+ he can go. I would love to see him stay. He is a great leader and I love to watch him play, but we can get some quality talent for 40M+.

Anthony Calleja

Well said my Chelsea friends. I fully agree. Such is the modern world and such has made it most but not all of modern man. Thank God there are still a few loyal and true individuals who live by a creed of loyalty and honour and thats what makes us and of our kind, a breed apart. It is true that I, like most Chelsea fans are disappointed in our transfer campaign especially when our Chelsea had promised us four or five new players with one or two big names amongst them and these have not come with the only real transfer of significance being the arrival of Yuri Zhirkov. The only consolation was that unlike the other contenders, our team had not been weakened, this of course before the tantrums of John Terry. Man.Utd are much weakened, Liverpool are looking like they could be weaker and Arsenal too. Only Man.City have been significantly strengthened and it seems they will continue to be strengthened. So our Chelsea could be losing a very big chance to take control of next season by not making the right signings. We do not need alot of players. I have said from the beginning despite all the players mentioned and those who turned us down, we only need be interested in two of those stars but we must do everything possible to get them, including spending big. In these times there is no other way. deciding not to do it when necessary means that our Chelsea will gradually go backwards. The two players we should have and must make sure we sign were and are Franck Ribery and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. If Chelsea buy those two and don't lose any players of our regular team than I am absolutely sure that we will be the leading and driving force towards all titles. But our Chelsea's failure in the transfer market so far is no justification for John Terry or anyone else to betray our Chelsea who are well known to treat our players better than anyone else both in terms of finance and pay, in terms of loyalty as Roman Abramovic and Chelsea rarely dump players, and also in terms of subsidiaries and facilities.

Troy Palmer

Hey Russel, it's Troy from the Stamford Blues, I want to shoot you an email but I can't find any contact info. Could you send me a message at [email protected] so that I can contact you.

Russell Saunders

All gone a bit quiet on the Terry front now. If I were a betting man, I'd lay money on Terry signing a new, slightly improved deal before the team fly out to the States later this week. Let's see.

Troy - I'll be in touch...


I agree with Troy... how is Terry going to feel if he goes to Chitty and then Chelsea win the CL the next year? He'll *never* win the CL with them.

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