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23 July 2009


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Always loved Drogs...we accept his faults, but the team is much better when he's on the pitch, Here's a great article from Vanity Fair regarding his off the pitch efforts in his home country:


Keep up the good work

Anthony Calleja

Hi Russell and well said, the journalists especially some journalists from certain crap newspapers like the Mirror which I have officially boycotted are so full of hate and jealousy for our Chelsea that they use their paper to pour their bile on our Chelsea at every opportunity. And they are particularly determined and aggressive with Chelsea players who are true blue heart and soul and symbols of our great, noble and honourable Chelsea like John Terry, Frank Lampard, Micheal Ballack, Petr Cech, Ashley Cole and Didier Drogba who together with Roman Abramovic and Petr Kenyon get the most and worst of their attacks. The reactions after Chelsea's match against Barcelona was the perfect example with mass declarations of false puritanical shock and scandal at our Chelsea, and especially against Micheal Ballack and Didier Drogba without seeing the whole picture and that the reactions at the end of the match were the natural response to our Chelsea being robbed ain, again, again and again by the referee. With hypocritical scum bags like that, the best thing to do is ignore them, block them out, boycott them and don't buy and read their crap paper. The only papers I read for Chelsea news are the Telegraph and the Mail which seem okay. Like you said the good things our Chelsea do and our players do, like Didier Drogba in this case, will hardly get a mention, or not mentioned at all in these papers, by these pseudo journalists.
Didier Drogba is not only the best attacker in the world Russell but like John Terry, Frank Lampard, Petr Cech, Micheal Ballack, Ashley Cole and Joe Cole is the heart and soul and symbols of our Chelsea and should never be sold from our Chelsea. On the contrary we should thank God that they are with us and hold on tightly to them forever.

Forever Chelsea!


im a football fan and am only interested in how they perform in that arena, not whether theyre a rival for mother theresa off the field. and drogba on the pitch is a grade a disgrace, dishonest and devious,

Russell Saunders

Hi everyone thanks for the comments...am checking out that link now Shawn.

m - I do know where you're coming from. I guess if it were, for example, Roy Keane doing something so special, I'd be less inclined to overlook his harassing of referees or attempts to break other players' legs.

I've shouted at Drogba to get up any number of times, and get as frustrated with him as most people, especially as when he's on his game he's a great footballer.

I guess though that my point in the article was also about footballers in general - they get so much stick for the money that they earn, how little they have to do to earn it and them being poor role models that it was great to see one of them do something meaningful.


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