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10 July 2009


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Looks like another Chelsea target has escaped us.

This can't be true. Don't seem to be many other sources reporting this gossip, might just be a Skybet tactic to try and get a bit of publicity. Can't believe that Liverpool will bid enough (given us and Madrid have had offers turned down), and surely if they were going to Rafa wouldn't have done his big rant on money yesterday. Plus hasn't he said Johnson is going to be his only major transfer?

Our Chelsea just can't seem to sign the big players anymore. There was a time they were tripping over each other to come to Stamford Bridge. Now one after the other they prefer everyone from Real Madrid to Omonia Nicosia to our Chelsea. Now it seems we have also failed to get Franck Ribery. And it could get worse if not only do we not sign players but they also start leaving like maybe John Terry wants to do. At this rate since we do not buy players we should also hold onto those we were going to sell like Andriy Shevchenko, Claudio Pizarro, Deco and Ricardo Carvalho. At this rate we will need them and maybe a miracle will happen and they explode into action. In desperate times like these for our Chelsea and we Chelsea fans the impossible must be possible or all is lost.

Anthony - don't panic. We're certainly not in desperate times! I know it's easy to do, but I think that the papers with all their rumour-making make us feel like the club is failing left, right and centre.

In reality we have made one good signing already and a couple of promising additions. There is still time to add to the squad too. Plus of course, the squad is pretty good as it is.

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