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08 July 2009


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I might be wildly unpopular for my opinion, and because of that I did not comment on the other JT thread, but personally I think we should sell him. I know, I know you hate me now, but while I'll agree that he is the leader of the team, he is at his peak selling value this year. Meaning that if he wants to go then we are going to get the most we can this year. With the crazy amounts being spent on transfers this season JT should go for 50-70M which could help us get some real star power. If we wait a year he has a relatively high chance of being hurt and we won't be able to sell him for near as much. We have good defenders already and Alex and Carvalho will make a nice partnership at the back.

I also think it will give Lampard a chance to show his leadership skills.

If he doesn't want to go then this discussion is mute, but if he wants to play the salary adjustment game I think we should call his bluff. If he really loves Chelsea as he claims then he should have come out and said he has no interest in moving north and he is looking forward to playing for Carlo. His reaction to this whole thing has put a sour taste in my mouth.

I can't agree with your evaluation of JT. He played 35/38 of our league matches last year so I don't see the "injury prone" argument.

Also, wrt the "lack of pace" if it wasn't relying on pace as a younger player then getting older isn't really going to hurt him. Ashley Cole losing pace is a much tougher problem to solve.

Now isn't John Terry just rich and dandy? And there I was thinking and feeling that it was our Chelsea and we Chelsea fans who were justified in feeling hurt and disappointed by his silence and by his lack of public declaration of loyalty to Chelsea while spending some of the very large amounts of cash and wages he gets from Chelsea on his holiday. Now he is also down to lieing about Chelsea saying Chelsea have not kept him informed when Chelsea have confirmed they have, not to mention he should have contacted Chelsea and put blues minds and hearts at rest when he heared all the hulabaloo going on, and trying to get a higher wage because my oh my Frank Lampard and Micheal Ballack have slightly higher wages than him. Even if he finally stays with our Chelsea, John Terry is much fallen in my eyes and I see him very differently now. He is a Chelsea man only as long as it suits him.

Forever Chelsea!


Only Franck Ribery and Zlatan Ibrahimovic of the mentioned so called possible marquee signings for Chelsea are worthy of donning the Chelsea top, colours and badge. And if our Chelsea signed Franck Ribery and Zlatan Ibrahimovic then we would truly be back as the best team in the world gunning for all titles.

Forever Chelsea!


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