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17 March 2010


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Chelsea, our beloved blues, are done for this year. They will lose to villa in FA cup, we will lose at old trafford, effectively ending title hopes. Quit spending money on managers every quarter, fire arnessen, get a REAL youth program, and start making smart transfers, not just targeting established and already aging players. Ballack and Deco need to be relieved of all of their duties, carvalho should have been given away last year, and EBJT should have been sold to Man Sh*tty and all the money could have gone to replenish our already declined (not declining) squad.

For the first time in a long time it is a truly awful feeling to be a Chelsea fan.

les slater

I was very dissapointed to see Chelsea go out to Inter milan. but Jose Mourinho got his game plan spot on. He knew the weeknesess in the team. They need younger players fo sure. the eteam is aging a bit. I thought if Chelsea had got an early goal they may just do it but 0-0 at half time and knew they were going out. Another year and still no Champions League trophy. Abramovich must ne scratching his head. Seven years ans still no Holy Grail. The League is important but poor away form may cost Chelsea. The FA cup may be the only trophy now but Spurs are in the way and I've got a feeling it could be their year, hope I'm wrong.Blackburn away on sunday. 3 points are a must.

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