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03 August 2009


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good post. its hard to disagree, but maybe arnesen should have a bit more time?

mancienne's a good player, sinclair might get there at some point soon...


Shame that Di Santo's off on loan too. Hopefully he'll get a chance to play at Blackburn and we'll see what he's really made of. Arnesen must be doing something right - all our other management personnel seem to get removed asap post a minor blip, yet he seems to be sailing on with impunity. I'd be fascinated to hear what they like about what he's doing. I don't think the output is good enough.


Who would you rather have sit out than the youngster? Would you want Didier or Anelka on the bench instead of Di Santo? You want to tell JT to take a seat for Mancienne? Maybe tell Lampard to warm the bench so Sinclair can get some PT? You would still whine. We have a world class side, so you needn't worry about that. We have a fine youth academy, don't lose any sleep on that topic, though we don't crank them out with the apparent effect of other teams. If we had a superstar come through, would that make you contented? I would rate our youngsters as highly as any other squads - it is nothing but a good thing to loan them out for different player, coach, and system experience while there is classier players and they would rot on the bench. The Cup of Nations is coming up, so for those with a 6 month loan, they will be back and get their chance. And I say Di Santo will be a beast, before the season is over. He is tall, fast, getting stronger, and a favorite of JT and the team.

Russell Saunders

Hi Gerald, thanks very much for your comment.

I get what you're saying but I think you might have got me a bit wrong on this one. I'm certainly not advocating an Arsenal-style youth love-in. I don't want to see 11 of our youth players playing week in week out - I'm just calling for them to get more of an opportunity. I want 1-2 of our more promising products get regular appearances from the bench where possible.

Like you, I also agree that them going out on loan is a good thing - especially now 3 of them are with PL clubs - but my argument merely was that I don't think Arnesen has delivered enough quickly enough.

Finally - as I said in the post, my argument isn't about the lack of creating a 'superstar'. It's about creating a depth of talent in an alternative way to buying it off the shelf. There's no harm in the club having different strategies to achieve success, and I just think Arnesen could have done a bit better.

Fingers crossed for Mancienne, Sinclair and Di Santo getting appearances next season!

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