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11 January 2010


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interesting, especially the detial on how much we've spent and recieved. does that include money spent on youth players?

guess the finances might look better, but if roman's got the money i think we need some reinforcement, especially for when the ban comes. do you recokon it'll be rescinded?

roman's just bought himself an island, sure he can afford aguero


"Given that Chelsea have invested at least £30m in young talent over the past few years however, it might not be as thrifty a solution as it first seems."

I beg to differ. If youngsters like Stoch, Kakuta, Bruma, Borini, Di Santo and Sturridge live up to their promise, they will collectively be worth much more than that in five years time. Not to mention the fact that when you promote players from within the club, you tend to have much more leverage in contract negotiations thus keeping down wages as well. Roughly speaking, Stoch could easily become a 15 million player, Kakuta 30, Borini 15, Sturidge 15 and Di Santo 8. That's based on how much hype they are recieving though so it can be more or less. Mancienne was valued at 5 mil in the summer and with a season of prem footy behind he is surely worth more now. Hutchinson? Bridcut? They are all worth a few bob if we sell them so I think the youth set up will be more than value for money.


Go to http://transferleague.co.uk/ and along the very bottom of the page scroll to Chelsea, click on it and review their list against what you have. It differs quite a lot. Chelsea made transfer profits in 2 of the last 4 seasons, with a nett total spend of £6.4m. Your figures should read:
2004/5 Out 59.85m In 12.7m
2005/6 Out 111.9m In 20.8m
2006/7 Out 12m In 15.8m
2007/8 Out 56.7m In 33m
2008/9 Out 8m In 35m
2009/10 Out 19.5m In 6m

Russell Saunders

Hi Squiddy - looks like a useful resource. The reason my figures are so different though (I don't think they're wrong) is that transferleague.co.uk have put some of the transfers in different seasons. Some of them quite strangely.

So, for example, they made Cech, Robben and Fereirra 03/04 purchases, where I've made them 04/05 purchases (realise perhaps two of them were supposedly Ranieri buys, but I'd still class them as 04/05).

Similarly transferleague.co.uk has a very high figure for 05/06 because it's put the likes of the Sheva transfer in there. He joined in the summer of 2006 - surely it's more accurate to make him a 06/07 purchase?

In my lists, any player signed in the summer close season is put down as a transfer for the following season (eg. Sheva: bought summer 06, in the 06/07 pot).

Hope my figures make more sense now.


great post BV...looks like u like stats very much like me,,,

Michael Hepp

I have always held the position that Ancelotti was brought in because he is a do more with less type of manager. His time at Milan proved that. I do not think that Chelsea should spend this January. Why? Because we have already proven that we have what we need to win the Premier League. The first few months of the season proved that. Certainly we have hit a poor run of form, but I still think we have all we need to win the league. Then the only reason to buy is the Champions League, the problem there is most of the players that would help us in the CL are already tied up. This means by-in-large anybody worth getting won't help us in that competition. So why bother. The wild card of course is the ban, but I am not certain it will stick. Seems to be losing steam already.

I say save the money for next summer and we can bring some good young players on board that will continue to strengthen our side. I think the money is better spent in the summer.

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