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04 March 2010


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shut up, tevez sticking up for the moral code, dont know what world u live in u idiot who sticks up for a cheat, what if he fucked ur wife or girl? aint the same then is it .. u idiot journalist, idiot..


have no clue in life. stop writing.


Who wrote this waste of space artice? seriousy spasitacted fool... tevez speaks the truth..anyone who sticks up for terry wants to ride on his....u kno what.pathetic excuse of an artice.. get a job u idiot.


Why is Tevez 'odious'? Because he doesn't particularly care for two people who play for your team? What a strange 'moral code' you have.

You will find that the general view in football in this country is that Terry and Ballack are both persona non grata.

When you get to hear more of 'news' about Terry, you will turn against him. This 'news' I know is a fact and not rumour. I wish my source gave me some transfer gossip but I get little of that. Lots of nice tit-bits though.

The quality of football blogs is diminishing. The most interesting blogs are those that are not drenched in bile and bias. This blog is poor.


And I knew this post would provoke vitriol from City fans. There are ways and means of showing displeasure at something - I just don't agree Tevez has done it the right way. And don't forget, I gave Tevez praise where I think it's due - his performance on the pitch.

You three however - you've just come on here, sworn and hurled insults. Classy. I normally welcome comments from other team's fans, but this isn't right.

Three clarifying points though. One: where have I stuck up for Terry here? I struggle to have any respect for the bloke. Two: I have a job, this website obviously ain't it. Three: I'm not a journalist, either. Thanks for assuming I was though...


Tevez obviously has his facts wrong ...

But more importantly what makes him think he is qualified to comment on something that he has no facts on? Any affair of Terry's is ALLEGED. And nothing which is considered remotely illegal.

I cant think of ANY man who doesnt look at other women when given the opportunity. And yes i KNOW that most dont take it any further. But is that because they dont WANT to? Or because they know they would get their advances rebuffed??

John Terry has kept his integrity during this which is more than can be said for Tevez or many fans up and down the country.

I dont recall Beckham having to give up the captaincy when Rebecca Loos revealed all.... And i dont recall him being booed.

As for City fans ... I feel their comments reflect them much better than anything I could say.


Phil - thanks at least for posting a comment that seemed a little more measured...

I - and other Chelsea fans - find him odious because of the way he behaves on the pitch (and recent comments off it haven't helped). It's not just because he doesn't like two players on our team, and fon't misunderstand me, I'm more than aware that some of our players too aren't likeable. Some I don't like myself.

And as I said above, I have serious trouble respecting John Terry, his recent actions are pretty much indefensible. To have sold him last summer (to you or anyone) would have probably been a good thing for Chelsea. I have heard probably heard the same 'news' that you refer to.

I'd probably agree with you on football blogs. while I'm not going to sit here and say mine is great, I would say you probably haven't read much of it. This type of post was a something short and fun that I wanted to write having not posted for a while. It certainly isn't bile - the comments from Tony and Ryan certainly are. As a post on this blog, it is far from typical. Many fans of other clubs have posted comments to say that this is one of the most balanced, un-biased blogs they've come across.

Obviously my respect for Tevez as a footballer (or rather his performance against Chelsea last Saturday) has gone unnoticed...


HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF IT WAS YOU? YOURE WAYNE BRIDEGE? ...now lets be honest... forget tevez, remeberr the situation...

mike disgusted in this post's biased stupidty

This is not about john terry just haven'g a affair

this is the England captain and Chelsea captain who should lead by example

The affair was not like beckhams with a PA

This was with a team mate and friends wife

If your boss at work who you became friends with was sleeping with your wife would you work for him ?

or with him

J Spencer

jon, i'd probably move on with my life. She is my ex after all. Get myself a better best friend while I was at it. And she was the ex because if the papers had even a shred of doubt about that they would be making up stories about John Terry sleeping with her on Bridges wedding night.

Last night I saw a captain who beat up a DJ with his friends for not playing the record he wanted and the only reason he got away with it was because of his celebrity status for all I can see. Clearly Terry's morale character has nothing to do with it and everything to do with the bi-annual morale outrage the papers throw out before a big tournament. Can anyone really remember a time when england went into a tournament without some big scandal beforehand? I can't. I really hope for all our sakes that Ferdinand is clean as whistle.

Oh, what is this 'news' you two are talking about? I am curious now.


The only odious thing in this whole situation is the thought of john terry sniffing around his best mates bird... lowlife.

Bob Hoskins

At least some of our players - Bellamy, Tevez, De Jong - say what they think. I bet you'd kill for a couple of them in your lifeless squad of lazy immorality. I'm only here because of your comment that he's odious, which is a bit strong. It just sounds like the result of a mind spasm induced by the frustration you're obviously feeling from losing the game and supporting a team of nobs. Apart from Lampard and Joe Cole, I can't think of one Chelsea player that's truly likeable. That must piss you off something rotten and I suspect deep down that's what this is about.

Tony Tango

If you watch the replays the only reason Tevez squared up to Terry was that after being turned inside out Terry grabbed hold of his shirt and dragged Tevez towarads him. In fact the ball ran out of play just in time for it not to be a penalty. I would also say that if you don't want abusive replies from other fans it's probably not a good idea to start your piece by labelling Tevez odious.


Bob - let's not bring Bellamy into this. I think there are more players to respect in our squad (as people) than just Frank and Joe. How about Cech, for example? Ivanovic seems a straightforward guy, and Beletti? Essien...

There's plenty at Chelsea to respect, but you're right to a point - I do resent the constant stream of negative headlines about our club, some of which about players. That doesn't mean i'm making up some kind of irrational dislike for Tevez though...

Tony Tango - calling someone odious, and then saying that he played brilliantly in his team's defeat of my team, is not worthy of swear words and other abuse. That's only in my book though. I haven't deleted them!


I think the problem here is that you try and deflect away from Terry and Ballacks actions by attacking Tevez, when really all he has done is stick up for his mate and complain about someone trying to do him, cowardly, from behind, in a match.

You haven't really succeeded though, and to be fair, your attempt was half-hearted and lacked conviction.

Personally I don't know what you mean by the Champs League final behaviour as I don't remember it, but I guaruntee it will be the sort of 'winning at all costs mentality' that you applaud in players like Drogba and Ballack, Deco et al.

Get a grip, take the defeat on the chin, and concentrate on trying to win the league, which is looking less and less likely every week, and you know who to blame for that...


It's unfortunate that a nice and honest blog like this gets garbage hurled at it cos it presents facts about a someone who is trying to stoke a fire that we all we rather have doused out (for England's WC hopes at least).

I am inclined to forgive the "blind" city fans cos 20-goal-a-season players aren't really a fixture over there.

As a roman catholic, I do not support fornication, not to talk of adultery but the truth is, all this is in the past now. Even Terry personally must have realized how destructive his actions have been to his family, Bridge, Chelsea, the England team, and the whole nation at large.

It therefore beats me why Tevez has taken pains to lecture us on the moral codes of his neighborhood. perhaps he will eventually come out with a book on the moral codes of his neighborhood. Don't worry Tevez, as long as you keep scoring, city fans will make sure your book is a bestseller.


Marc - thanks for your comment. This isn't bitterness. The defeat well and truly seeped in pretty much straight away. In many ways Man City out 'chelsea-d' us - we were overpowered and you were clinical in hitting us on the break. We were Arsenal (without the good football) to your Chelsea. You're right, winning the league now looks pretty improbable, and Terry has some culpability for that.

Sticking up for mates is normally a good thing, of course. I just don't think what he's said is appropriate. Tell me this: do you think Wayne Bridge would have wanted to read these headlines? My guess is almost certainly not. But what do I know...

Ballack was an idiot for getting sent off when we need him to play in the absence of injured others. But I'm not deflecting from Terry. He's a fool, and probably just about got what he deserved over the last few weeks. Lacking conviction? Maybe. I'd argue it's becuase I'm criticising just one aspect of your player, and because typically I normally just want to talk about football. But it's interesting that some City fans here have gone overboard to say what an overreaction my post is, while you're saying I've not been resolute enough.

From my perspective, I just disliked what Tevez said and thought I'd put some words down. More fool me...


Just deleted a pretty personal and offensive post from a Man City fan. I have no issue with Man City fans - or fans from any other club - writing critical comments that disagree with anything I write, but lay off the offensive stuff please gents. Anything that oversteps the mark will be deleted from now on.

Honestly, what is it with some people? So much anger and lack of consideration for others. One of the best parts about football is the banter in pubs after matches between opposing sets of fans, jokes at work...let's stick to the good-natured disagreements. Sort it out people.


your the one throwing slurs at people. tevez is odious, because Terry is an utter disgrace,pretty abhorrent opinion! What did he do on the pitch which is so odious? Square up to terry, who should of given away a pen for dragging him by the shirt..

funniest comment on here 'John Terry has kept his integrity' You clearly dont know what integrity is!

The only thing odious is the attitude of chelsea fans, trying to justify terry, and booing wayne bridge for no reason what so ever!

john obi mikel

terry is a racist , terry is drug dealer, terry is thief, terry is an adulterer, terry is betrayer, terry is a traitor = terry is scum!

Tony Tango

Bridgeviews, what was your take on Tevez squaring up to Terry in light of the comments above about the shirt pulling? If you can i would watch it again mate because Terry clearly started the incident.Tevez has a lot to say it's true but on the pitch he's a fair player.


Interesting that you should refer to the 'behaviour' of any Manchester City player during last weekend's thoroughly-deserved tonking. Anyone would think it was us who ended the match with nine players!

It's pretty clear why Tevez squared up to Terry as other posters have already stated, you're simply trying to create a story where there isn't one. as for the comments Tevez made in the press regarding your captain, they were all fair comment. The stuff he said about street justice in his old 'hood may or may not be a truthful representation - I don't know and I suspect you don't either. Either way, you trying to imply that Tevez was in any way advocating such methods of dealing with adultery is mischevious at best.

If this is the 'thinking' Chelsea fan's blog then I don't think I'll bother to investigate further, thanks.


re: "Mike Disgusted"s comments:

"This was with a team mate and friends wife"

I think you meant to write "ex-team mate and friends former girlfriend"

Such a little thing makes such a big difference.

J Spencer

Slacker, it at the very least he sounds pretty positive about the street justice. It's quite frankly a fucking ridiculous statement either way. You'd lose your leg for sleeping with your friends ex? Unless he's condemning it - he just sounds stupid. Think away.


Although the rationale side of me can reflect on the whole Terry thing with something resembling objectivity, the emotional part of my brain felt reaaallly good when Ballack kicked that little ugly tw*t up the arse. The sanctimonious cr*p we've had to listen to over the last few weeks has been laughable (..but it was his mate's ex girlfriend, poor Wayne, how would you like it...and he's the England captain...how awful..), and is really just dressed-up Chels bashing. JT is probably not the nicest of guys - we all know the type - but Bellamy...for crying out loud....how many times must he have been called a little tw*t in his life - bet he holds the record.

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