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11 June 2009


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This is a very valid view. Our constant quest for holy grail seems to the problem here. Inconsistency with managers isn't helping either. I hope that we give Ancellotti fair chance and I really really hope Ancelotti will give our promising youth a chance.
This is what i think should be our list for transfer window.

1. Ross Turnbull : Backup for cech
2. Daniel sturridge : 4th Striker
3. Yuri Zhirkov : Backup for Malouda & Cole.
4. Mark Noble : Future Lampard.

1. Hilario.
2. Deco.
3. Carvalho.
4. Mineoro.
5. Pizzaro.
6. Shevchenko.
7. Ferreira.
8. Ben Sahar.
9. Kalou (or may be give him one more season)

This is the most logical/realistic transfer list I could think of. Any opinions?


@ TrueBlueDDP.
I hear what you're saying. Totally agree with your list of outs - will be sad to see Carvalho, Ferreira and Kalou go, but think it's probably time to move on. I think you might have gone a bit too unambitious with your ins - there are players out there who could be part of a long-term transfer policy who would bring a little more proven experience with them.
Either way, not sure it will happen - Roman's set on the Champions League which is going to stop us buying anyone who isn't good enough to play in that kind of game from day one.


Agree with you on Turnbull. He's a great player and by the sounds of things definitely leaving Boro. Would like to see a few more stars come to Chelsea than you're proposing though. I know what you're saying about building for the long-term, but who doesn't want to see players like Ribery and Kaka at CFC?


People need to remember Messi wasn't a star before he went to Barca. Kaka wasn't a star before he left Brazil. Ronaldo wasn't a star before going to Utd. There are other ways to find quality players. What's our youth and scouting system doing?


Though I agree that the youth/scouting system seems to be failing, there is one sign that it is slowly coming to life, in the signing of Philipp Prosenik, the austrian 'wunderkind.' Even as an Austrian I can admit that we are horrendous at football but this kid seems to have it in him. Hopefully, this situation can be repeated!

I don't think that the 6 + 5 rule will be implemented. The EU has and will block it as it discriminates against foreign workers!

akpan gideon

Common lets face dis head on,we all understand that the CFC team is ageing,d best opinion is to bring in
new players(young),it will do us more good 2 bring dem 4rm d academy,like stoch,manciennes,kakuta e.t.c
to play alongside d older players for a possible smooth transition.in d case of nations cup i think we need just a player like aguero.

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