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19 March 2010


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I think it's bollocks.

As usual.

The Mourinho gimps come back out of the wood work, but when he fails in Europe yet again and runs off from Inter at the end of the season no doubt they'll all suddenly disappear.

david jackson

fundamentally i agree with this - but it also touches other areas which worry me about Ancelotti - his slowness to sub, his apparent inability to influence games from the sideline and his loyalty to players clearly out of form.

Jose's as you say, is fantastic at influencing games from sideline- 2nd half of his last chelsea season he was extraordinary in his subs and changes and coaxing the team to victories - Carlo puts out well prepared teams but at this level you just need the extra 5% when your original plan isn't working and i'm not sure he's got it.
This is especially true when the team's getting on a bit.
Don't agree with poster above Inter will go all the way I think


as i think your saying, I don't think carlo's a bad manager. he did make a mess of tuesday though, and his lack of passion isn't a good sign, epscially in the premier league.

he doesn't seem to be a great manager, you're right. he does need to be given the chance to put his own team togehter though


Carlo is a very good manager in my opinion. You don't win 2 champions league finals just by luck. I also credit him for trying to get the youngsters into the first team (at least earlier on in the season), I hope he will do more of that next season. Let's face it he got the job less than a year ago, hasn't bought any new player yet, this is not his team yet. Once he goes through a real mercato and gets the players he needs to accomodate his system and not the other way around as it is now, we can judge his coaching skills. It won't happen overnight either, it took Mourinho 2 seasons to make Inter a CL title contendent. They did pretty poorly in CL his first year in charge coz he didn't have the players he needed at that time.

Joe Tyler

Firstly let me say that I do not think Ancelotti is a bad manager. I think he's a good manager, not a great one. However, he is treating us like AC Milan. He needs to realise the English game is less about technique and flair and more about heart, strength and passion. Killing our passion by being so calm is killing everything we're about. Under Mourinho, 2-0 down with 5 minutes left on the clock I still felt we were in with a chance becuase he wound the team up so much we always fought. Calmly calmly patient approach is fine on the continent, but not for our league. I'm hoping that the funny feeling I have comes true. It would be very Jose-esque to say, 'see I told you I was the only person able to manage Chelsea' and return.

syd master

carlo need to be more active during the game...sometime i see him just like i see grant...passionless...

one thing i hate with carlo that he not used the substitution to maximum...and IF he make a sub....its too late to change anything...

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