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08 February 2010


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Arsenal supporter here. You did give us a lesson in effective footballing. If we had pulled one back I'm sure you would have stepped up a gear and pierced our porous defence for a third time. I wish Wenger would not come out with this stuff after games like yesterday's - it's just embarrassing.




Was Lampard Playing???????


Spot on. Don't know why Wenger brings this up, we were class apart. IF Arsenal had scored and put some pressure on you, if think you had a couple of gears left. Seemed to be able to open us up at will, but you were nice enough to leave it at 2-nil and save some energy(Terry probably need it for his late night celebration orgy)

BTW, whats up with this Terry lovefest you lot put up at your ground? seems like it was his wife that got gb'ed by entire city team...


Gooooner-B and topgun - thanks for your comments. Glad my post hasn't caused offence. Genuinely think Arsenal are only a few players away from challenging on fronts, but it will take a change in Wenger's attitude for you to get them. Not saying they need to be expensive signings - just a different 'sort' of player. I guess more than that though there needs to be a mindset change at your club - training 'winning'. Wouldn't hurt to focus on training defensive discipline too, I imagine...

Terry love-fest is a reaction to the wall-to-wall media Terry bashing that's gone on, I guess. Bizarrely though, Terry's on pitch performances are now getting more recognition than ever before... Thought it was a good atmosphere yesterday though - Arsenal and Chelsea fans both contributed.

Daz - were you watching?! Lampard was excellent yesterday. Fabregas completed 20 more passes, but how many goals did he create? Granted, he wasn't gifted the same space as Frank was given for Chelsea's second, but nevertheless... And I thought Frank's tackling and harrying was excellent and, as usual, he was the player in our midfield most likely to play a more creative/ constructive pass.

Finally - feedback about font size taken onboard. Will take a bit of a layout change if I'm to increase it though as my articles tend to drone on.... Anyone else think the font is too small?


Wenger is annoying, it's only in the last few seasons he has become obsessed by this pass and move football.

Arsenal used to be about strength and a solid defence, remember when Arsenal were the most lethal counter-attacking team? Exactly. Somehow it seems wenger doesn't.

If we win the league it will have to be by beating and then at least drawing with everyone that isn't Chelsea, Manu or even Man City, or Stoke.

B is for Boring Boring Blues

Tedious football by Chelsea. No wonder you struggle to sell your tickets, sometimes right up to the day of the game.

He who laughs last laughs loudest.


I actually thought the game was much closer than it appeared to some. Cech had to make 2 great saves from Arshavin and Fabregas.

But we edged it through organisation, hard-work , muscle - and Drogba.

Arsenal are still a very good side but Wenger's attitude needs changing fast. Two observations:

1. He could have bought Kevin Davies for £1 million, who can knock headers down for the likes of Walcott and Arshavin all day long. Not playing Bendtner from the start played right into our hands.

2. If Wenger thinks that breaking up attacks with little pushes and 'fouls' is both 'effective' and the sign of an experienced side - then why isn't he teaching his side how to do it?


'B is for boring boring blues' - sorry, but get your facts right. The idea that Chelsea struggle to sell tickets is a popular myth, I'm afraid. And sadly it's another myth the media love to propagate about Chelsea. We have sold tickets for 98.5% of our seats so far this season (compared with 99% at Arsenal). I suspect the difference of 0.5% has more to do with our older stadium and restricted view seats than our ability to sell tickets generally.

And you really want to fall back on Chelsea being boring? You'd rather entertain and lose two nil? And hang on - did Arsenal fans actually find yesterday's game entertaining anyway? I've rarely found two nil losses fun to watch...

Oh, and there's not much implication that Arsenal will be doing much laughing at all, let alone laughing last....


another arsenal fan, you hear of him twice a year we have to put up with his gibberish every single week and than they arsenal are lucky..........good win the best team won but beware of manure they seem to have found there stride


Wenger has come to a stage in life where accepting his mistakes seems too overwhelming for him. So whenever they play bad he defends their style of play. He is a master of beautiful football no doubt about it. But to achieve this he has incorporate many light weight players with lot of pace. This is very good when it comes to teams that do not have too much experience, but when it comes to more experienced teams like Chelsea, Manu or Aston Villa for that matter they fall short. Its difficult for wenger because players like Drogba dont essentially have the pace like Arsenal do but is very very effective. Whether a player like Drogba fits in Wenger's style play is atotally different matter. Adebayor did not play well in Arsenal but is doing well in Mancity though. So Wenger either has to find a player who is strong and yet very fast or he has to change his style a bit if the team wants any silverware. But coming to Chelsea they are the best right now. Hope Carlo will build a Chelsea empire in the coming years. Blue blood forever.


More distortion of the truth. Yes you beat us and yes you deserved to win but give us a lesson I don't think so. The only difference between our teams for the last few years has been Drogba. When he didn't play last year you lost. He terrorises us for sure but without him we would have won the last few games. Our achievements over the last 4 years have been greater than yours when you think about it. You have hand picked off the shelf, top dollar, ready made internationals at silly money on silly wages. Lost shitloads every year but that don't matter cos you won the lottery. What have yous won recently? The FA Cup pah! With your outlay etc thats pathetic. We have moved house, team rebuilt on little money but we still been in the hunt every year and getting far in CL etc. On the resources we have had our achievement has been greater than yours. You should show some respect. After all yous are a second rate team that won the lottery. Other teams have to do things the right, honest, hard working way so don't be so arrogant. Just consider yourself lucky that Roman came in and show some grace. After all yous were on saler for a quid not that long ago.


PTangYangKipperBang - thanks for your comments, but I have to say I take issue with many of them. First up, I don't think you can claim I show no respect. I acknowledged Arsenal's possession, and clearly stated that the quality some of the football your team produces deserves respect. I'm not arbitrarily criticising your team.

With respect however, I think we did teach arsenal a lesson yesterday. No, not in terms of having far superior quality players or dominating the game - I'd be stupid to claim that. But where the lesson was given was on our approach to the game and the ability to execute a plan. I think Wenger's strategy (transfers and otherwise) is a little naive - but that's my personal opinion.

I'd take issue with your points re. Chelsea's recent achievements, too. Since 2005 we've won 2 league titles, 2 FA cups, 2 league cups and reached a champions league final. We've also only once finished below 2nd place in thte league (3rd - last year). In that period Asrsenal have won nothing and got to one Champions League final. How often have you finished 3rd or 4th in the league? Have you reached 3 CL semi finals in that time, as Chelsea have?

And the resources point isn't as straightforward as you suggest. I actually acknowledge in my article - if you read it - that Chelsea have spent significant sums of cash. But as I recall Arsenal have (or up to recently had) the 2nd highest wage bill in the league. Like it or not, Arsenal have a policy of paying large transfer fees and inflated wages to get the best young players at the club. £60k a week for Walcott, anyone?

And the slightly older players, like Nasri and Arshavin, didn't come for pennies, did they?

No, it's not the same as Chelsea, I'm not saying it is. But things aren't quite as cut and dry as thinking everything's about Chelsea's expenditure versus Arsenal's thriftiness. Besides, Chelsea's spending on transfers has been relatively low over the last few years.

And the "right, honest, hard-working" way? Give me a break. Clubs like Chelsea, and we were far from being a second rate club (honestly mate), have to spend if they're ever to break established teams' strangleholds on league titles. Otherwise norms perpetuate themselves. Let's not start a debate about supposed right and honest ways of doing things in football though, because we'd be here all night. Don't assume that because you take young players from the clubs that produced them (and rip them from their home countries) relatively cheaply it's better than buying a 24 year old for £15-20m...

Not that Arsenal are alone in their youth approach, of course, Chelsea and everyone else do it too...


I beg your pardon I was responding in many ways to some of the comments rather than just your article. You make some valid points against mine and I concede that. Acknowledgement of our possession was not credit the way you used it. The addage that Arsenal play some good football stopped being a compliment a long time ago. The difference really is Drogba. Also, please do not compare your youth policy with ours. Our academy produces good players for Arsenal and England. You try and take the England credit tho cos you bought some players off west ham a few years back (I won't mention Cashley)the only other 1 is 30 yr old National embarrassment Terry. That man is a damn criminal on and off the field. He will start to pick up more bookings now hes not England captain. Yous are like that "King of the Chavs" lottery winner Roy Carroll. We feel like we have worked hard for a long time to get where we are only to be given the bird by a laughing Roy Carroll screeching down the road in his bright yellow Bentley with BBS alloys. And you were on sale/sold for a quid.


PTangYangKipperBang - sorry, thought you were just responding to the article, my mistake.

Even so, I'm not sure where you're going. I'd suggest that you're diverting attention away from the footballing issues...

And if we must talk about producing players for England. What players are you talking about from Arsenal? Walcott...? Suspect he might not being going to the World Cup, and he hasn't figured recently. Who else is there that I'm forgetting?

You have bought young players aged 15+ from other team's academies. I'm not saying our youth policy is the same as yours, or as productive, but it's of the same ilk - all the top Premier League's are. Arsenal have just made it more of a priority and put it at the centre of their club/ business strategy.

And what has the fact that we were sold for a quid got to do with anything? That was a good while ago now. But if you want to dip into the history books to somehow prove that Chelsea don't deserve to be where they are, I'm sure you won't mind me bringing up Arsenal's bribery of the FA to give them a promotion back in the early 20th century, will you? Honestly, so irrelevant.

Finally - on John Terry. You must have no real defence of your club on footballing grounds if you have to resort to having a go at him now. We've heard it all before now. And nothing about this recent scandal is criminal.


I'm not saying you don't deserve it exactly. Just that you maybe should have at least some respect for what Arsenal are trying to do. Ok Chelsea weren't a bad side before you won the russian lottery but you were hardly doin much. Yes there was an issue once when Spurs (lol) missed out on a league spot and we took their place. Some time around the 1st world war I think but no bribes were ever proved. The respect I'm talking about is shown by J Coles comments in the madia a year or two ago he said "Wheres your medals" in a mocking article. Well, if we are to compare trophy cabinets then I suggest you come to our place that way we can hire an escort van rather than us having to get a Luton. JT is a crime against decency which saddens me cos I'm a Dagenham boy meself. On the diversion thing well, to be honest, I wish my team could defend like yours. Fair play to you. We are the only team I know of that can dominate games and still get hammered. Fair play to you. Football wise I think the teams are not too far away from each other. We just can't seem to handle Drogba.


In the few years before Roman arrived we'd won league and FA cups, the Cup Winners Cup and qualified for the Champions League a couple of times. More than most clubs can lay claim to, especially these days.

But anyway. "Football wise I think the teams are not too far away from each other" - I'm not sure it's just about Drogba, but I pretty much agree with this. Think you're a few players of a certain type and a slight - only slight - change of attitude (Wenger's)away from competing on all fronts.

Good debate mate. You'll find that, whilst we give (hopefully) good banter in clubs and on the terraces, most Chelsea fans respect what Arsenal are trying to do, and the style with which you dismantle most PL teams.

And here's to Chelsea breaking even at some point...


Thankyou, and respect to you for the debate. It is nice to have some respect cos normally its only needle. We must remember that us Londoners need to respect each other if we are ever going to dent the huge North West bias in this country. I always would support a London team against them but when yous lot started having a bit of success around 2005ish alot of things were said which upset me. I started to wonder. I daresay Gooners have said stuff which was arrogant/out of order as well. However,I must disagree with your terrace chant "theres only 1 team in London" sunday. Yous lot are definately there as well these days. Cheers


You have not won the league in three years, and might not win it this year despite your "football demosntration".

Every time you're faced with a potent attacking team, you resort to Bolton tactics.

It ultimately cost you in the Champions League last season, but you haven't learnt your lesson.

This might still end up a pyhrric victory. Honestly, if I were a Chelsea fan I'd be worried about why that weak, ineffective Arsenal team had more chances than us, I'd wonder why they won the ball more, and dominated the game.

Afterall, they're supposed to be so far behind.


Don - thanks too for your comment. Interesting arguments...some of which I kind of agree with. I've long argued on this blog that Chelsea are a top class creative player short of being any more than just a very good side. Put a fully fit Robben back into the team that played you yesterday and Chelsea would look a very different prospect.

That said, to suggest we resort to Bolton tactics - or in any way compare us to such a side - is going way too far. There was only one one dimensional team playing at Stamford Bridge yesterday.

Not all sides are the same, or are set up to play as such. Take this as a compliment - not all teams can play like Arsenal/ Barcelona (equally they can't play like us). When we came up against the Catalans it would have been suicide to take them on at their own game. So we take them on at ours - and why shouldn't we?

And in contrast to what you suggest, I don't think that cost us in the Champions League last season - it gave us a chance against a side that had scored in in every game it had played (bar one) for an entire season. For 183 minutes, Barca didn't look like scoring and the World Player of the Year didn't get a touch.

And you didn't have more 'chances' than us yesterday - more shots perhaps, but real, threatening chances? Nah. As I said in my post, we looked much more likely to carve out real opportunities to hit the back of the net, while the majority of Arsenal's shots were half chances at best. And dominated the game - do you mean possession? Has it occurred to you we were happy for Arsenal to have it? The stats don't always tell the whole picture...

We haven't learned our lesson? We're still winning the majority of these games. Arsenal on the other hand...

Clayton Weir

Wenger seems to have a Brian Clough - Leeds thing going on. I hope he dosen't one day become our manager and try to teach John Terry and Didier about "the beautiful game". That would be comedy.



Always happy to have respectful banter.

But I remember 4 chances; Arshavin, Nasri, Fabregas free kick & Fabregas free header. All seemd clear cut chances to me.

About the Barca game; ultimately it proved stupid to play with the plan of going 180 minutes without conceding against Barca, which was the plan behind playing for 0-0 at Nou Camp.

The teams that did beat Barca- lowly Getafe & Rubin Kazan included, showed more ambition than mighty Chelsea.

On the parting (cheap) shot about you winning most of your games. You must not follow football much. Secret: Arsenal win most of their games!

But, you know, I do wonder if you'd be top of the table if you'd had Drogba & Anelka missing since October. Actually I don't wonder. I know you wouldn't.

You've been very lucky with injuries. And you're still just 9 points clear.

Look at your remaining fixtures, and look at Arsenal's and realise that, while you're 9 points clear of Arsenal, you've had the easier fixtures so far.

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