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09 February 2010


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Shay Thpr

If you don't mind, can you start an article in the build up to Chelsea vs Inter, just to see how our stats against their's is, and the effect players like Milito, Sneider and Pandev are having. I think we need to change the diamond away from home, because sometimes we are predictable. And I so agree that our record against lower opposition is not good, even against Portsmouth we struggled while the rest put in 5 goals a game! Great article though!


It's that damn away shirt I tell you..
Most stats are interesting but I'm not so sure about Carlos 72% win record,let's wait till the CL games to have a better picture.I'm afraid that our away form is going to cost us the league,50% is just unacceptable for a top team.


Shay - welcome to the blog. Thanks for your comment, an interesting idea. I'm no expert on Italian football, but will give it some thought.

Kostaz - you're right re. the 72%. Yes, it's good so far, but let's compare it to Mourinho's 71% once Ancelotti's been here three years.

I'm very nervous about the Premier League - have a feeling United will win it. As you say we're just not good enough on our travels.

Oh and Kostaz - thanks for your comment too. Incidentally it's the 600th comment ever made on this blog!


ya away form is so poor for a champion team..,
Lets start better away record from tomorrow at goodison
LAst few seasons picked a lots of points from us..,shud not allow this time as they are the only team who are not beaten at the bridge this season in the league..


Its really amazing to see Malouda up there,
there are lots of chelsea fans who are not happy with him.., the man has stats to speak...
Speaking about stats.., manutd'd second topscorer is OG!!!!


interesting stuff. like zaneeblue, can't believe malouda's up there. he was great with hiddinck but i reckon he's been pretty weak this season


Hey i'm also a very nervous Chelsea fan but i really think we'll win the league. Man U performances are really deceptive. They seem to enjoy playing weak and naive teams but will ome unstuck against most top half teams.

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J. Spencer

The reason we lose away seems fairly obvious to me. When we do go behind Ancelotti takes far to long to make a change when go behind. There is always a good 20 minute period we lose the initiative and he will wait until the 75th or even 80th to change anything. Guus in contrast would throw on some new players when the game was going against us. We did the same thing against Arsenal, when we where really crying out for some kind of attacking outlet and fresh legs.


They dont play well thats all.its not luck they lack.they cant even pass the ball let alone control the game and attack.they are just aweful away.

and yes, ancelotti takes too long to make changes when we are down, unlike Guus did.he changed the tactics more quickly in the game as well and we got results


Thanks for everyone's comments!

J. Spencer and Laurel - I think you're bang on re. Ancelotti. It's probably only on substitutions that I've been disappointed with him thus far - I've written about it a few times. I've started some analysis of all his substitutions actually, so watch this space for an article specifically devoted to that.

Perhaps there's something in the diamond not being as destructive away from home too?


I remember your post about late subs but then again the one time he made subs early was against Blackburn and we all know what happened there.

J. Spencer

@Kostaz. I believe the game against blackburn was when we had a player injured and had to play with 10 men after using our subs? Ever since then it's seemed as though he has been a little slower to use substitutions. I'm not asking for 3 subs, just a fresh pair of legs when we are getting pinned in our area. Today he brought on Kalou a little earlier...I honestly would have preferred Sturridge to come on before, though every time time I write off Kalou he scores.

I'd actually look forward to that analysis, it would be interesting. I do think the diamond in part was a cause, it was figured out pretty quickly that you just had to get narrow and we had no Kaka to open things up. Joe Cole also didn't step up into his "preferred" position to fill that role. However, we seem to have dropped it now in favor of the 4-3-3 so it shouldn't really be an issue.

i am too with that same opinion...he subs are too late.., they r not geting the time they wants to mahke an impact..

what happened to Joe?
he used to play well against everton....

cfc kiddo

wha a horrible results.. r defences is playin like a italian defences.. its not good enough for the premiership ... we show it wednesday and we showed it today .. the first goal tevez scored is a main let down to us... we need essien back soon as possible..time to have a serious think about mourinho .. the way inter played was jus like the way we played under him..


Here's a question for all Chelsea fans - should England fans boo John Terry?

Full article here:


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