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02 November 2009


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of course drog's the best. yeah he might roll aroudn a bit too much, but its worth it for the end product. this season certainly he's been the best there is out there so far.

what was scolari playing at leaving him out?

Michael Hepp

I find myself mixed with Drogba. On the one hand his is everything you have outlined and more. His physical size and speed make him a handful for any defender. I bet if you asked the defenders around the league who they wouldn't want to defend, Drogba would come up the most. In my opinion if he is not the best he is certainly the most feared. I don't mind the dramatics mainly because everybody does it, and he maybe be the worst but he is certainly not the only one.

The side I don't like is the attitude that he sometimes develops. When he sat on the bench behind Scolari and had his earphones on while the game was being played was plain disrespectful to both Scolari and his teammates. His interview with the french magazine a few years ago complaining about how he wanted to leave... I could go on, but essentially he can at times appear like a crybaby.

This season he appears to be doing much better and he is even finding ways to work well with Anelka which I love to see.

In conclusion I love him, but sometimes annoyed with him.

Castrol Football

The new October Castrol Rankings show that Drogba (23rd) sits third in the list of Premier League strikers, slightly behind Fernando Torres (8th), and Adebeyor (20th) but all three are ahead of Wayne Rooney (34th)... with Torres out through injury, you fancy Drogba's chances to take over as one of the top strikers - overtaking both Adebeyor and Torres - http://www.castrolfootball.com/rankings/rankings/?position=1&nation=&team=&comp=9#label

Lamin Drammeh

Undeniably, Drogba is the best striker not only in the Premier League but throughout the world.
Whenever he is not playing for Chelsea, the west londonners struggle to cope without undeniably one of world's finnest strikers ever.
He scored like someone with a spiritual knowledge, assisted like a heroe with full of commitment and willingness.
He always proven to be defending as a natural defender when ever the blues are under pressure to concede a goal.
With these few qualities not to mention the rest, he is the best struker in world football aty the mo9ment and he deserved to be name the world footballer of the yerar.


Torres is the best when he's playing at his best, but Drogba and Rooney are more effective when they are not in form.

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He might roll aroudn a bit too much, but its worth it for the end product. this season certainly he's been the best there is out there so far.

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