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02 February 2010


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I could care less about John's personal life, it's his mess, let him deal with it.
With Adultery sites booming, it seems a bit strange how much attention this gets (or is it?). Majority of English media is nothing more that dirt spreading junk not worth reading. News of the World.. paper not suited even to wipe your Arsenal.


it takes two to tango everybody is after his head and she is about to make money out of this were the justics

Michael Hepp

I really don't know what to make of this whole thing. On the heels of the Tiger Woods scandal I am not sure about what is private and what is public anymore. The line seems to have been blurred. Certainly JT has sponsors and so he cannot say wear my jersey brand, but don't pay attention to who I am as a person. They are not mutually exclusive. There is also a certain responsibility that professional athletes have to adhere to. They are paid millions of dollars and for that they are forced to give up their privacy. That is the deal. If he doesn't want all the press then he should become an accountant, nobody will care when he cheats on his wife then.

Certainly he is not the first professional athlete to cheat on his wife. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, etc. in states they seem to do it for sport. It almost seems to go with the territory. Certainly it does not make it right, but it puts it more in context. Kobe Bryant is an example of someone who can put this kind of behavior behind him. After his cheating scandal Nike pulled their sponsorship from him. Today he has the best selling Nike shoe in their line. He is once again adored and everyone has all but forgotten his bad deeds. I think JT can do the same thing.

I think he should apologize for his actions, and then get back to playing football. Soon this all will be over the media will find something else to cover.


I really don't understand the "footballers are not role models" argument many put forward. They are, whether we like it or not.

Also, there is real obfuscation of the issue - though surely he must not continue as captain, there is no reason or appetite to remove him from the team or squad.

Paul Jeffrey

Personally I think JT should resign the England captaincy to take the heat off the situation. Lamps would make a great England Captain.


This story has tired already. Who cares!! Let JT deal with his private issues.

And I surelly don't think footballers, just like any well known person, should be seen as role models. Maybe that is the issue, "we" put them in a pedestal, expecting them to be holier than thou, when these people are just like any of us; getting some things right and making a lot of mistakes. Of course, not all of us serve as clowns in the media circus - that said, who gave us the right to judge JT's private actions? Does this affect us in any way? Nope.

IF, and that's a BIG if, Capello or whoever feel that JT is not fit to wear the armband of captain of England NT, based solely on his capacity as a footballer, then so be it. But if 'his personal doings aren't whiter than white, let's strip him of the captaincy', please save me from this hipocritical behaviour.


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