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08 October 2009


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Michael Hepp

I for one would be sad to see him go. Without him I seriously doubt we would have had the success we have had. He has brought a great deal of prosperity our way. I also think he has a great deal of love for the game. I think the comments from the papers about him treating Chelsea like a toy are unfair. I really think he wants to win.

I would like to see him with the club for a good number of years more.


Buck and the Board do not check up on this every year because of contingency planning (though they would) but because it's a legal requirement of the Companies Act. That's also why he talks about it plainly - to avoid any accusation of not considering the subject. The accounts are only passed off because this statement is formally made, otherwise Chelsea is not a "going concern".

And when he says he's "comfortable" he doesn't mean he has a nice cushion or that we're comfortably off, he means he's relaxed on the subject of Romans continuity with us.

I'm not sure you could have misunderstood the subject any more than you have.


HJC - thanks for your comment/ correction, sounds like you know what you're talking about. I'll not always get everything right (especially when I have very limited time to pull this blog together!), but hopefully will occasionally raise the interesting issues and people like yourself can come and add to the debate. It's all the better when they do.

Michael- 100% agree with you. Even if we never win anything again, he's ultimately responsible for bringing the title to Stamford bridge, something I never thought I'd see.

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