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07 October 2009


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Jonas of Sweden

You got to keep in mind that Kalou hasn´t been a starting player during these years. If he would be playing in a team where he is consistently playing full games with the same lineup, I bet we would see him develop way better than in Chelsea.

Still, I don´t want Kalou starting on the pitch in important games. And I don´t want to sell him either. He´s got a nice habit of coming in as a sub and scoring important goals.

Pretty sad but I believe what Kalou need is one or two bad injurys in the squad for him to really start advancing.


I agree that kalou not improve as we hope in this 3 years....maybe we should get another young promising talent to replace him...
or maybe give kalou place to sinclair or stoch or even borini....
everybody says that sinclair have a lot of potential but if he not get enough playing time it`s useless...isn`t??


Guyz i dont agree when u play football you dont start big i have seen Kalou play very good at times scored 4 goals in 1 nite n dat is very good!!!! i want chelsea manager to consider and take his thoughts on board!!!! Chelsea is my team n i wnt every1 on the team 2 av a fair play!!!! and Kalou is my inspiration on that team alongside Drogba

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