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13 October 2009


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Michael Hepp

I could not agree more. I hold my breath during international breaks. Every time one of Chelsea's players is involved in a tackle I begin to pray that they get up without injury. Getting needlessly hurt in an international game makes my blood boil.

I also think even the games in the summer drain the players for the next year. Henry is a perfect example, it seems after a long World Cup he went non-existant in the next club season. Same for Michael Ballack after the Euros.

I am certainly not saying that International games are not important or have less significance, because winning the World Cup or the European Championship is a nice feather in the cap of most players, but from a club perspective they are a disaster.


Think there is a more subtle point at work here - international games simply mean less to clubs who feature in regular European competition.

Look at the hundreds of banners on display at England games home and abroad and you'll see no European stalwarts; no Chelsea,no Arsenal and no Manchester United.

It's the Macclesfields, Nottingham Forests and Grimsbys who care. They might still prefer domestic honours over international - those Monday bragging rights in the office remain all important - but you wouldn't see a post like this on a provincial club blog.

Far from "rationalising abuse at Gerrard one week and supporting him the next", international games provide a glamour otherwise unattainable for the fan of the smaller club - and the rare chance to cheer on the elite as their own : Beckham, Terry, and very, very begrudgingly, Ashley Cole.... ;D

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