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21 June 2010


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When didn't the Press try to cause disharmony in the England camp? It surely isn't a co-incidence that every England manager since Ramsey has regarded them as pack of poisonous toads. Dan Jones in London's Evening Standard is at least supportive of JT: the heading of his piece is "Yes Terry's guilty, but only of telling the truth".


John Terry has to be the most despicable person in the football world. There is nothing about him that any young footballer should aspire to. I hope he is banished from the EPL for ever. I detest the man and so should every decent human being. There is nothing respectable about him....and yes I am a blues fan....


Agree about Dan Jones, liked a lot of his articles recently too.

Most journos in this country though - utter scum. And I say this from personal experience.

Leave JT alone!


Most despicable person in the football world!!! You fool.

Rapist, women beaters, corruption.

Get some perspective.

J Spencer

bridgie, you do know that when the club cut our budget for the Women's team he stumped up the difference so they could compete at the same level? That doesn't get reported so much. Neither does Drogba ending a civil war or his building of Hospitals etc...

They don't make good stories.


Loving the 'bridgie' nickname!

I did in fact know about those - you're right, they're so rarely told or heard. The Drogba bit is most galling: the man has genuinely gone WELL out of his way to do something truly incredible for his country.

I've done my bit to try and raise awareness of both stories on this blog:




Where have you gone!!!!!???!!!?!?!??!?!?!?!

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