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31 March 2010


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Scott Ryan

And yet you have an advert for the news of the screws : 'The Truth About John Terry'.


Good article. It definately seems en vogue to not talk up Chelsea at the moment. I mean, what could there be to compete with JT and Ash Coles sex lives? JT's bit of naughtiness had the soccer supplement regulars spitting feathers, maybe they should move on to OK magazine!

Would Ivanovic be a certain starter though if Carvalho and Bosingwa are both fit? That's the only thing I can see to argue with anyway :)


Its not a surprise at all..., have been seeing this for years..,

Pete Bull

Patrick Barclay always seems to want to ridicule our club for some reason or another, I've never liked him and don't even bother listening to his views on Sunday Supplement. During the whole JT affair, the only journalist to defend our captain was Oliver Holt, for that I give him credit, as he said it had nothing to do with football and there was no reason for JT to have had his England captaincy stripped from him.

Journalists express their views, however, I've got to the point where I know not to buy their papers, especially in the case of Barclay and a majority of others, with whom I believe, just like their own ugly faces printed in the papers. Wasn't it Spitting Image that portrayed the press as pigs? Nothing much has changesd since those days then.


Hehe, Scott. It's not an advert for it, it's a headline cutting. A kind of tongue in cheek look at what is worthy of the back (and front) pages of the tabloid rags these days!


spot on.We are now used to getting criticism or not getting spotlight.It feels gr8 to be on a fair side rather than with the unfair world.


Great article man, even if manu wins some lowly friendly cup against a third string team , the newspapers flash it all over, even an FA cup final victory warrants only a small column out here in india. I take it from your article that it is only worse in the UK


It's also true when watching the Champions League matches on ITV, and to a slightly less extent Sky. The pro Liverpool/Utd bias in the commentary is at times shocking (especially Clive Tyldesly).

Having said that, it's become quite a comfort in a way, knowing that year in year out not only will the press want to harangue us, but also Platini and his harem of referees. Besides, at least we have valid things to complain about and not just a perennial chip on our shoulder *cough* Liverpool *cough*


When Fulham were promoted to the Premier League, Patrick Barclay (on Channel 5)tipped them to win it, with the words "you heard it here first".

I've never been able to take seriously anything he has said since.

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