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15 December 2009


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He is bitter that his son is an average player,he doesnt complain that Chelsea made his son a very wealthy man. And since when has Ian Wright had class??


Everton fan here. I think Wright was totally out of order to say that about Chelsea fans. It's a very direct and personal attack on the fans of a club where his son failed. Simples. Come on, the guy has no brains, let alone class himself. I'm more surprised that the media give him a voice. His inane ramblings disguised as punditry are an absolute joke and make me cringe with embarrassment. If he thinks that's bad he should hear the abuse poor Hibbert and Osman get at Goodison (which I totally condemn)! Wright = shit for brains


Ian wright is CORRECT! All of a sudden Roman buys Chelsea and then u guys have NEW FANS who don't have a clue about football, how can u really disagree with what ian wright is saying. Chelsea fans only cheer when there team is winning but when they drop points or lose the fans show their TRUE COLOURS! A sign of great fans is getting behind the team when they lose NOT when they are winning! Maybe the fact that Chelsea fans are ALWAYS GROANING when Chelsea are not winning is maybe the reason the players feel nervous and can't perform! Like wright said he was in the Chelsea stands when your fans wouldn't even turn up to games, now all of sudden you have a sugar daddy to pump money, Chelsea fans want to open their mouth and show up! Where were u when u had NO PREM TITLES! Chelsea fans are Fake! All the money but NO HISTORY!! No REAL Fans!! Your team goes one nil down to everton and Stamford bridge was MUTE! that Is until you scored! Learn from us Liverpool fans that's why we are the best fans in the world because we get behind the team regardless! Chelsea are FAKE! PERIOD!!


So Ian Wright thinks Chelsea fans lack class does he? This is the same Ian Wright who viciously abused the linesman with one arm. Remember Ian? Now thats Arsenal class for you!


Hey you liverpool fan, FUCK OFF, liverpool dont have the right to say anything, you are actually risking your champions league spot next year, fans do expect wins and that is for every club, Chelsea fans know they can win, thats why they get disappointed when they lose, unlike liverpool who are fucking used to loosing. Chelsea fans booed for a few seconds, and they were not booing cech they booed the performance and I am still stressing that liverpool fans have no right to speak because of their current situation.

Irish Blue

A Liverpool posting about 'historee'. You can't argue with Liverpool's success, and the trophies. But surely what history is is more than this.
It's about winning, and losing, the highs and the lows.

So Liverpool fans your history includes the 5 Euro cups, the leagues, the first club to be found guilty of matchfixing, Hillsborough, Heysel, and the last 20 years were you've feasted on a fairly lucky victory over AC Milan.

You can keep your history, I've lived ours.


Very well said. The article is outrageous, and obviously sheer attacking from an anti-chelsea person, and with no credibility at all.
And he wants to talk about class... right, his 'article' is then a fine example of class, ain't it?
Pathetic, really.

John of Everton

so chelsea should learn from liverpool fans.
are these the out-of-towners who dominate the crowd at anfield or the scouse ones who sit in the pubs of merseyside decked out in their replica shirts?

scouse blues go to the match
scouse reds go to the pub


surely not the same liverpool fans that burnt gerrards shirt!! as for ian wright and arsenal fans,didnt the emirates empty fairly quickly after chelsea's 3rd goal and man utd's last 2nd goal in the CL semi last season?? wrights a prat!!


Thanks for the mention about my blog article! Great article from yourselves on this too!!


he talks about class and writes for the sun, he was sitting near the players who were not playing and the guy in front moaned regardless of the result, maybe it was Jose

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