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14 December 2009


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"Bored of all the negative chat circulating on the forums..."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

The press and everybody else are so quick to tear a team down these days. Chelsea will bounce back with a vengeance -- let's just get to sorting out our set-piece defense!

Speaking of bad luck, even the 3rd Everton goal should be chalked up to a bit of bad luck. Drogba's poor clearance ricochets off Saha's face and into goal. Sure, Cech was off his line, but still, what are the odds!


Water off a ducks back


Michael Heoo

It seems to me that every team in sports with so many games is going to have periods where it gets tough. I would classify this period as mainly unlucky. We have certainly lost the edge we had, but I don't see this period as a time for extreme concern. I think a small let-down after winning all of our big 4 games so far and qualifying first in the CL for our group. I think after the holiday break we will be ready to finish off the league and make a run in the Champions League. I am still very optimistic.

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