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21 August 2009


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When did Arsenal put 6 past Sunderland?

I would hold your judgement on Chelsea until they play a top 4 team. There is no doubt Chelsea were streets ahead of Sunderland and the gap from the top 4 was ever more apparent. But then again you're comparing a well established, very expensive team and squad against new faces trying to blend.

Good luck for your season but I can guarantee not one sunderland fan or player felt embarrassed on Tuesday night.

Bit of a typo there! Obviously meant Everton. Will change it.

THanks for your comment Jackie. You're right on holding judgement - in my previous posts I've been criticised for being too pessimistic. We're two games into the season, far too early to really judge what's going to happen for the next 36.

I was quite flattering about Sunderland in my match preview and, bearing in mind that your boys put a pretty good performance on for the first 45 on Tues, 'embarass' is probably a little harsh. Good luck for the rest of the season mate.

i want to know how you figure out that chelsea embarrassed sunderland they won 3-1 right they are a top four side one of the best in europe and have a squad full of internationals who earn about 100,000 a week each. if anything chelsea embarrassed them selves with the 3-1 they went behind and then had a number of really bad attempts i am a season ticket holder at the stadium of light and i swear one of michael essiens shots went so wide it nearly hit me when it went out for a throw in and i sit on the corner at the stadium. A squad which is worth all of the money that your lot are they should have won like 6-1 not 3-1 to even nearly embarrass us

Who knew one word could be offensive?! In that case - I apologise to all the sunderland fans out there.

As I said in my last comment, yes, perhaps 'embarass' was a little strong. Sunderland weren't a bad side at all and, as I said in my post, Chelsea's finishing was very profligate.

I would say that Bruce was gushing to the extreme about Chelsea and said many times Sunderland weren't up to it. Yes, that isn't surprising bearing in mind how much the Chelsea team cost, but it was pretty effusive praise. Then again, it didn't necessarily suggest embarassment, either.

One point though - I won't take criticism on Essien. His shooting is often not up to much but tbh that's not really what he's in the team for.

I agree "embarrassed" is perhaps a bit harsh for this match, however more than appropriate for the 5-0 thrashing they got last term.

Credit to them for fighting till the end but to be fair they were pinned back in their own half throughout the match and at home no less.

Would love to see them nick points off other top four teams as I can see Bruce only improving them with time.

i was only using essien as an example as his shot was particularly bad but i have to say one of drogbas efforts was much worse

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