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12 August 2009


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good review, i agree with pretty much all of that, but i fancy them to do better than that this year. just a funny feeling i guess. think they might beat liverpool to 3rd.

also think that arshavin looked great last season - and he hadn't even settled into the prem yet!

Russell Saunders

Good point about Arshavin - he did look a bit good infront of goal.

I just think it won't matter though - they're too lightweight at the back and on the days that the attack isn't firing they'll leak goals.

Wonder what Arsenal fans are thinking? Most of my gooner mates are split between an almost blind love for Wenger and a kind of tired acceptance that they might not challenge again for a while.


Gooner here. Probably the most level headed season preview for Arsenal I've read on any blog. I am tearing my hair out at Wneger's stubborn refusal to splash out the requisite £20m on a top DM. But I am also (quite reasonably I think) nurturing the hope that without too many injuries - and preseason does not bode well - we will have a tilt at the title like two year ago.
Let's see.

As for Chelsea ... aren't a lot of your players now in decline?

Russell Saunders

E W - thanks v. much for your comment, and really good to get fans of other clubs on the blog. Do try and be balanced - glad you agreed it was!

Like Chelsea, I genuinely think Arsenal are 1-2 players off a world-class, challenge-on-all-fronts side. I'm not sure it even needs a £25m signing - just one or two at £15m. Buying Mikel (back when we did) would have been a great move for you. God, if you fused the more physical, experienced players in our side (eg. Essien, Terry, and Drogba) with yours it would be unstoppable.

You're right - some of our players are in decline. Wouldn't say a lot though! It's a real issue however - I've been advocating the steady replacement of some of these players over the course of a few seasons, but it looks as if we're cruising towards the need for a massive (and expensive) overhaul in a couple of years.

We'll challenge this year, even if it's mostly because other teams have lost players. Standing still is the new moving forward...

Gooner Gaz

How refreshing, an honest analysis of Arsenal from a Chelsea perspective!

I agree with pretty much everything you have said and also one of the comments about us finishing above LFC.

I think the prem is yours this season, united looking short/light in midfield for me.

Russell Saunders

Thanks Gooner Gaz. I won't lie - I dislike Arsenal as much as the next Chelsea fan. But there's no point kidding yourself...

One question i have of Arsenal fans - kind of related to the topic above, I guess - what is behind the lack of signings? Is it Wenger being stubborn, or is there a real lack of money? Clearly there isn't loads of cash about, but i would have thought they'd be able to fund one or two decent signings.

Is Wenger taking one for the team, if you catch my drift?

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