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25 August 2009


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Now the importance of Ballack in that midfield can be seen clearly. When Ballack does not play neither Mikel nor Essien are effective. When he does leave eventually we need someone who can fill his shoes.

Russell Saunders

Sandeep - thanks for your comment. Think it's a really interesting point.

Ballack's languid style and his occasional giving the ball away sometimes make him an easy target (and fair enough, sometimes he has been very offer form for Chelsea). But on form I think he's exactly what you say - very effective.

I think Carlo will rotate the midfield players quite a bit this season - we'll see how the team gets on without him


Usually what I see in the websites are the fans suggesting that Ballack should be sold off. Yet when Guus Hiddink took over it could be seen that he was picked every game. And you can see Carlo picking him regularly(at least half through the match). The reason is because of what he brings to the table. When playing under Guus Hiddink he was give a more holding role like Mikel has right now. Thhats the reason we did not see him scoring goals and hence people thought he was ineffective. Remember when playing against Barcelona Hiddink took off Lampard but not Ballack for both the games. Thats exactly what Ballack can get you. Scolari's regime cannot be considered because none of them performed well under him. But other than that I did not see him off form at any time. He was just following the coach's orders. I still feel when he does leave chelsea he is gonna leave big void in that midfield. What we must do is retain him in some coaching or even managerial role when he decides to hang up his boots. He is a natural leader and a very intelligent guy. Mikel can learn a lot from him and should try to emulate him rather than Makalele.

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