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01 August 2009


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it sounds like a really disappointing perforamnce, esp after the results in the states.

the papers are saying that maybe the lads were a bit jaded after the US tour and extra training sessions - maybe it was that rather than the diamond not working?


I think Saturdays match is the perfect case for Ancelotti to think more on his diamond formation. The best position for Lampard is at the tip of the diamond. Deco is completely useless. We need Malouda or Zhirkov at the left otherwise there is no width at all. At right Essien is good, but we need better. At many times, I saw moves starting on left and Essien not being there to capitalize loose balls on the right. Essien almost plays as a second defensive midfielder and doesn't come forward much. We definitely need J.Cole on the right. Mikel should be worried after his shocking first half performance. Overall this match reminded of the nightmare Scolari era and underlines the fact that we need some creative passing and raw speed to breakdown teams.


Totally agree TrueBlueDDP. Can't believe we're playing Deco on the tip of the diamond - neutralising one of Frank's best qualities for an over the hill player who has nothing to offer now or going forwards. Essien does his best on the right, but as you say this is not his strength, he doesn't offer enough going forwards, and it neutralises his best strength - covering for the back four. The whole thing's crazy. If he wants to try two upfront then I respect that - but it has to be with a flat four behind (I'd go Malouda, Frank, Essien, Cole). Essien in front of a back four is defensively strong enough for most teams. When playing big games, can always put Mikel in there too. Unfortunately, we've already wasted too many games in pre-season to genuinely give this a go. I'm not sure whether the papers are right about us being tired from the US - we may just have done okay there because the teams we were playing were either useless (US) or not yet in training (Italy). We'll have to wait for the game against Utd to see what's really going on.

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