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11 August 2009


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Which games have you seen Aquilani play in and why do you think he will be more defensive than Alonso?


As a liverpool fan, i think it's a fair post and something which could happen because we certainly are weaker without Xabi. Nevertheless, we are wrong in saying that Aquilani is more defensive than Xabi. He is much more attack minded than Xabi Alonso and tend to play further forward than him. I admit that his injury record is something that worries more liverpool fans but we have other possibilities in the squad such as dropping Gerrard in Xabi's position and playing someone like Benayoun in Gerrard position for instance. But it's fantasy football right now... I really think that we really can win the league if we can get through the season with both Gerrard and Torres injury free. But it's a big IF.

Russell Saunders

Alan, JP - thanks for your comments. Goog do see fans of other clubs on here too.

Aquilani - just going on my impression of him having seen him play against Chelsea at Bridge last season and I think a couple of appearances with Italy.

He was actually playing a slightly more advanced role that evening, but him being more defensive was just an impression I got more generally.

Could well be wrong, as I say I haven't seen too much of him... He can certainly pick a pass though.

Alan - we agree on Torres. If he can play just an extra 10 games compared with last year, it'll all be very interesting indeed.


more realistic assessment of our chances than anything on any of our sites, I think third would be a good par for us with current playing staff.


As another Liverpool fan I have too be a bit more defensive about our title chances. Liverpool's charge last year was not great, mainly down to injuries of key players but our strengh in depth was still there to been seen, as we scored more than any team without these key players for parts of the season. Rafa was looking to get rid of Alonso last year for a more forward thinking player in Barry. With Aquilani I think if fit we could be more attacking especially with a more attack minded right back in Johnson. If key players stay fit I think our goal tally will be impressive. I do think Chelsea are very strong and will be there at the end, to keep hold of Terry was very important and if you can play Drogba and Anelka together you won't have to worry about goals. I just hope Man U are not strong enough this season, if they lose one or two I think they will lose their fear factor with lesser teams.


Totally agree with Jay about the fear factor for Man Utd. I think the league's pretty open this year - Man U and Chelsea perhaps not as strong as they have been, and Liverpool possibly on the up. Other sides (Everton, Villa, City) are looking stronger than they've ever been. On paper at least it appears it will be much more competitive. As such, a couple of early losses could really make a difference in the final accounting.

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