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09 November 2009


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Windy Miller

Whilst I agree with most of your article, I don't think United should be blaming the ref for losing - although it should never have been a free kick that led to the goal, Fletcher did not follow through on Cole, rather Cole threw himself into the air - I think Drogba was onside and Wesley Orange should have been stronger, it was bad defending.

What I am most interested in is the fact you fail to mention anywhere about Terry's manhandling of Valencia, which was a nailed on pen!

As mentioned, I don think United should be blaming the ref but should rather look towards the fact we should have taken our chances, you cannot simply ignore such an obvious clanger by the ref!

United may not have scored with the pen but chances are we would have and goals change games and for that United can feel hard done by.

Your article loses credibility by not mentioning this fact, either because you cant bring yourself to admit you got lucky or because you don't understand what a warrants a pen!

Long way to go yet my Russian friends!

Russell Saunders

Windy Miller - thanks for your post. Of course, you're absolutely right: I did miss that out. The old blue-tinted glasses erasing memories there.

My heart is telling me that it wasn't a pen - I think quite often, even if the ref sees it, those aren't given. Right or wrong players are forever getting grabbing shirts these days. On the other hand, my head is telling me that if it hadn't been given at the other end I'd have been livid, so you're probably right.

A very fair comment, anyway, so thanks. I try and be balanced in all of my articles rather than just blindly talking up my team (as is the case on so many fan blogs). I'm fairly confident the rest of it is a pretty fair reflection of the game.

Martin (Windy) Miller


Thanks for the honest reply.

I do agree with most of the rest of your article and do not buy into the ref robbed us brigade, we still had 90 odd mins to score but didn't and for that we can only blame ourselves.

Whilst, your summary of the game at the end sums it up well and is a fair view point. Your blog is well written and not full of the usual one-sided bias.

Although we all see football matches with our respective red/blue glasses on I always enjoy reading another view point while not always agreeing but that is life and it would be boring if we did!

Looking forward to the return leg at OT.

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